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Preparation time is important, without the proper tools, toys, etc. the mystery trip won't be all that it can be. You will need the following:

Any and all toys for you and your partner.
Peaches, strawberries, cherries, oranges and cues.
Five silk scarves--the longer the better.
Massage oils and lotions.
Pearl ropes and feathers.
Small clamps or small butterfly clips.
Choc syrup, honey, or whipped cream.
Wine or champagne.
Very very large bucket of ice.

Just the knowledge of what is to happen as your wrists and ankles are bound begins to heighten your senses.

I can feel my senses heighten even more as he attaches the scarves to the four posters of our bed. I feel the touch of a feather gently following the curve of my neck and following a trail to my breasts, lightly caressing my nipples that are already erect in anticipation of more. Slowly I feel the flick of his tongue on my nipples as the very tip of the feather follows another path, below my breast, down my stomach and abdomen to my pussy below. As I feel his mouth suck on my breast, my legs spread to open up for whatever he has planned. The guides the feather along my clit and my lips below with enough pressure that I arch my back waiting for more. It seems I will be slowly be driven to the end as the sexual tensions increase. He leaves my body for a few moments saying trust me, I hear bubbles close by, the wine has been opened. I feel a chip of ice brush my lips, a taste of wine, slowly trickling down my lips, into my awaiting mouth and throat. All my senses are heightened at this point I smell fresh orange, and within seconds I feel its golden liquid drop upon my lips to my eagerly awaiting mouth. He breaks off a small piece of orange and slowly guides it over my lips, parting my lips to only be followed by his mouth upon mine. His tongue delicately assaults every little crevice in my mouth increasing my own needs and passions. The gentleness becomes fierce in seeking out my tongue until we can't have enough of each other. The eroticism of what has already happened has brought forth my honey juices to overflowing. As he slowly pulls away I am eager for more. He's fond a large piece of ice, which he has slipped into his mouth to follow the trail he had with the feather. More juices are flowing as he teases my nipples with the ice, circling them until they are fully erect. I can feel his hardness near me, he's taken more ice to stroke my clit, sending me into a very intense orgasm. Once my body settles down he introduces more wine and fruits to my lips and mouth, allowing me not to become parched, for we've only just begun. I feel the drizzle of oil upon my stomach and my chest. He is slowly caressing the oil into my skin, along my neck and arms, he is now caressing my breasts, tweaking my nipples and kneading my breasts, following a trail to my stomach. Again I feel the trickle of oil hitting me, only this time its is on my clit and the lips of my pussy. The feeling of his fingertips on my clit has started a new wave of orgasms. He keeps the pace slow and inserts a finger into my pussy. I feel as though I must meet the thrusts of his finger, which I try to do however, he stops. Takes a taste of his finger and slowly dips it again pulling it out and waiting and inserting again to tease me. He finishes oiling my legs and feet, so he can continue on in this erotic adventure. I feel the slightest bit of pressure on my nipples, he's securing a small butterfly clip to my nipples, and yet I feel another sensation, the pearl rope is being traced along my neck and my breast slowly rubbing the clips on my nipples causing an increase in pressure, making me tense even more. He is now following the trail down to my pussy seeking out my clit, it's already swollen, he teases it even more, the sensation of several pearls rubbing around and over my clit is such a different type of stimulation that it pushes me over the edge; multiple orgasms, more than I've already had. I though there was not anything else he could do at this moment, other than take me as his cock seemed even harder, surprise, surprise, I feel more liquid running down my pussy other than my own, wine to be exact. I thought the next thing I would be feeling would be his mouth on my pussy. Instead I felt the coldness and wetness of ice cubes in my pussy, melting almost immediately. I felt the tip of his tongue on my outer lips and push forward to invade that sweet honey hole of mine. I have the sensation to push down on him but can't because of the restraints, so I try to thrust upward, he's not allowing me to spiral to the top. The orgasms don't stop ( always have multiple ones ). He slowly backs away to do something else. Who knows---he inserts more ice, not just a piece, but several only to mount me and push the ice inside my pussy further. He slowly inserts his dick and pulls out to the end for several minutes to tease me even more, until I cry out to take me as hard and as fast as he can. We both are so hot and stimulated that we are able to share coming together and reaching the ultimate climax. Wow, I won't forget that night. Goodness, just telling you about it has made me soaking wet, wanting to jump someone's bones when he gets home...........

I guess I'll make his night of pleasure another story to tell another day........what do you think?

babybear_11180 36F

1/13/2007 1:16 pm

WONDERFUL! This was a wonderful tale and I wish I could have been you. You have a beautiful way of creating the picture with your words.

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