The best of the best.....or is it??????  

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10/21/2005 3:37 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The best of the best.....or is it??????

hi again....i turned off my profile for a while, but had to turn it back on as I thought about this blog. Why is it that when someone sends you an email or puts their profile up on here the first thing they send is a picture of their "package"?? I know this is a sex site, for the most part...and that there are alot of people on here looking for the biggest and the best you gentlemen have to offer....i just would much rather see a pair of sexy eyes or a great smile....a set of nice arms or a great chest. Of course this poses another it the size that counts?? Or is it how you use what you have???? I tend to believe it is what you do with what you have I am definately no expert....but I do know a nice one when I see one (which I have found and am completely enjoying)...I just think there is so much more to a sexy man than what he has dangling below the belt.

rm_Khufu2 43M
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11/1/2005 1:45 pm

The package portrait. It’s a work of art really. I mean, look back over the history of art. Every major artist goes through a phase when he paints or photographs nothing but extreme close-ups of male genitalia. Who can forget Monet’s blurry classic “Penises” or Salvador Dali’s enigmatic, “The Persistence of Penis” with the melted phalluses? Time honored!
Of course, there are the numerable (note: not numerous) variations: Close up of turgent penis, flaccid penis, hard penis in hand, stiff penis against belly, rock hard penis in the mouth of some thus enabling viewer to use her nose as scale… Point being, you can almost see the photog at JC Penney holding up a Pamela Anderson squeeze toy and grinning, “Okay… swell for the camera!”

So why are there giga-tons of these suitable-for-framing pics?

I think it comes from the same place that catcalls from construction sites and horn blasts at 40mph come from. I used to wonder about such things. Why would a guy covered in sweat and dirt, working 5 floors up, see a woman passing by while he’s eating his ham and cheddar sandwich with his grimy hands, start whistling and “Hey baby!”ing like he’s having a sudden flair up of Tourette? But I get it now!

We, as men, expect that if we pass by a woman ‒ say jogging down the street ‒ and toot our horns at her a couple times, she’ll be so flattered that someone thought she was hot that she’ll immediately flag him down and give him the deepest BJ he’s every had.

The problem is, it doesn’t work like that. Neither do penis pics.

What we don’t understand is that women don’t really like to look at them. Sure. The average woman will look at yours after she’s been your lover awhile. She’ll even compliment it if she’s in the mood to make you feel like a stud. But mostly, it’s like god… I don’t have to see it, just make me believe it’s really there.

Take for example Male Strip clubs. Most men don’t strip nude. They go down to their g-strings (and if that’s not enough to make you dry heave… ) But mainly, the reason why is because women don’t want a piece of man meat flopping in their faces. It’s certainly NOT because the guys are too modest to shed their undies.

So why do we do it?
I think in some ways, the guy in the construction site is the rule rather than the exception. Men, being the exquisite communicators that we are, would rather toss up our kilts and give you a gander than figure out a clever way to woo. It’s much easier to say, “Hey baby, (fill in your raunchy, crude comment here)” than to simply walk up to a woman and say, “Hi, my name is John and I just didn’t want to risk never seeing you again so I thought I would introduce myself.” Not flashy, but the alternative is not acceptable…

Just MHO.

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