Ok...I lied (smile)  

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11/6/2005 9:13 pm

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Ok...I lied (smile)

...that last post wasnt my last...as of yet. I expire on the 11th..so might as well use my time wisely dont you think?

Sleepless night, heart on fire
mind racing, cant help facing
this slow desire building inside my head.

He snuck up on me, caught me off guard
I tried to resist but he wore me down,
the walls crumbled
I was vulnerable.

Those eyes, that smile
his gentle gaze,
The need, the spark, the passion
is this all a cruel game?

I close my eyes,
I feel his touch.
My body aches
Get out of my head!

He has invaded my soul
that wasnt the role
I wasnt prepared for this
type of dare.

This cant be happening,
it wasnt in the rules....
be honest, dont feel too much, friendship only

I told myself I could do this, what if Im wrong?
He has grabbed my heart, softened it,
stole it, warmed it
please dont break it.

Still cant sleep...uggghhh
what can I do?
I close my eyes and think of you

Come hold me, come touch me
come share your desires.
Tell me about your day, your son, your wife...
it doesnt matter.

Those eyes....that face....
that touch...invading my soul.
My heart swells, there is a lump in my

I want to tell you, I need to tell you....
Share your feelings with me so I dont make a fool of myself...let me in or shut me out
No...dont shut me out.

Ive fallen
Ive crashed
Ive tumbled
Ive weakend

Against everything I know and everything I feel
Everything Ive heard
Its too late
Im in love with you....

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