Indian Summer????  

rm_hotNnawty 47F
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11/1/2005 5:39 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Indian Summer????

Its been a while since my last post.. Ive been a little pre-occupied (or something). Im thinking that it must be the sunshine we have been having, the warm weather, the gentle breeze that blows across my face and thru my hair. Whatever it is it has got my head stuck in the clouds and my mind stuck in the gutter! I keep thinking of one thing....well it all leads to one thing anyways. My mind, body and soul are crying out for attention. They are sending me into fantasies of a hot, sweaty, sexy man with this great body. He comes to me and grabs me by the hair pulling me to him..kissing my lips hard as if trying to suck the very life out of me. His hand grabs my breast and squeezes as it makes its way down my body and back up to the side of my face. He then spins me around and bends me over where he kneels behind me and lets his tongue go to work........ (whew).......then he is gone. But dont worry..he comes back. This time it is my turn to be the aggressor. I place my hands on his shoulders and back him up against the wall..I drop to my knees and begin to nibble and lick and bite (gently) at all those nerves in the inner thigh...and then that little place just between the balls and ass..mmmmm
I cant seem to get enough lately! Its on my mind constantly. Problem is...not just anyone can fullfill me....I know what I want....I want him...I want it all...I want to please and pleasure him. Who is him???? Is there a him???? Guess only I will know.....

AughtMusedSpill 48M

11/2/2005 4:53 am

If there is a him, I hope it's me! I'd love to have you bent over in front of me...mmm mmmmmmm

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