The Gape Effect  

rm_horsetoy 67M
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5/7/2005 3:26 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Gape Effect

What is it about a large cock that makes men sadistic? The men’s group (they call it The Horsemen’s Club) who regularly invite me over for fuck sessions all seem to enjoy keeping my anus as wide open as possible the whole time they are fucking me. I guess they like me because they are all so huge that they have never been able to find a woman who could take them in her rectum, and when I pretty myself up I can almost pass for a girl. When they tell me how cute I look in a skirt it always gets me hotter than hell, and then they know they can have their way with my ass. Their cocks are all so amazingly huge!! (Their leader has a dick as thick as a beer can when it’s hard!) They have to know how much it hurts when they enter me at first. After they stretch my rectum out with some hard strokes, I can endure prolonged deep thrusting for extended periods of time. There are seven of them, and our fuck sessions keep lasting longer and longer (up to 24 hours or more). But lately they have all started doing the same thing—pulling all the way out and re-entering me over and over until my anus is gaping wide enough for them to spit through my little pink hole. I scream like crazy every time their swollen dickheads plow through my sphincter, so they have to know how much it hurts. But they just laugh and keep on doing it!! When one of them is ready to cum, he reams my little asshole so hard I almost go out of my mind!! Then he will drive deep in my ass for several strokes to see how deep he can shoot his cum. My legs thrash wildly because it’s the only way I can tolerate the savage pounding of their muledicks!! Don’t they know how much they’re hurting me? Why do they laugh when I cry and scream and moan? After one of them pumps his load into me, he makes me raise up. They focus the camera on my ass and a river of cum gushes out through my open, yawning fuckhole. They all laugh and applaud like it was some sort of contest to see how big a gusher they can make. They don’t seem to care how much they hurt me. If I complain, they point to my little clit and it’s always standing straight up, hot and swollen. When they’re done with my ass, I can’t sit down for at least two days without wincing. And then they call and invite me back again, and I can’t say no. I know they’re going to ravage my little asshole, and I know how loud I’m going to scream and moan, but I just keep going back.. I pretty myself up, put on my little skirt and high heels, and the anticipation is almost more than I can endure. And I walk in the door and watch them take out their huge dicks and let them unleash their savage manhood inside my ass all over again…

pussycat538 42F
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5/7/2005 6:11 pm

Fucking men isn't sexy you gay bomb!

SusieSizeQueen 41F

5/8/2005 3:38 pm

I suspect they enjoy making you scream. That's why they keep pulling their big cocks in and out. Are you sure you don't enjoy it just as much? Are you sure you aren't encouraging just the thing you say hurts so much? If not, why does it make your little 'clit' so hard?

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