sleepless n vegas  

rm_horsehung103 61M
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7/15/2006 5:41 am
sleepless n vegas

hello everybody out there,how,s your mornin?as usual i,m up early,can,t sleep.I,m up bookin flights out of town 2 lake tahoe,san fran,hawaii,and back home.I do this kind of shit when I get cabin fever.I take advantage of some of the vacation deals they have on the internet,and they have plenty.I,ll b gone from 7-23 til should b a lot of fun,with all the extra shit i added 2 the trips.that way when i get back,i can concentrate on business.i,m still trying 2 find a woman who can travel more then once a ex was my travelin companion bcause she has her own business(thanx 2 me),but her new husband dose,nt like the idea of her sleepin n the same bed with thats y we,re not married,she couldnt keep up with me.I,ll eventually find the right person who can keep me satisfied,not just sexually,but mentally also.i,m lookin 4 someone whom i,ll think about,even if she cant go with me all the time.I guess there are,nt a whole lot independent,financially secure women out there.mayb its me,i know i have ants n my pants.after i,m done with business,i try 2 fill n the gaps,with pleasure trips.dont get me wrong,i,m not trying 2 fall in luv,I just need 2 stay away from 1 night stands when i,m travelin.i just dont want 2 pick up anything on the road,that i did,nt leave with.when i was in viet nam,i did,nt fuck 4 9mos bcause I was scared of that pussy.(and there was plenty available).a lot of guys came back with shit the usa doctors had never heard thanks.anyway,its almost daybreak so I think i,ll run up on the strip and gamble 4 a while,mayb pick up a tourist 4 some daytime fuckin.they r so easy u would,nt blieve it.anyway chow 4 now,have a good productive day,and b

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