Quite a variety here on AFF  

rm_horny5666 51F
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12/3/2005 2:06 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Quite a variety here on AFF

I had been pretty bummed out and ready to give up hope but I have been swamped with emails from so many different kinds of people that I will say I still have to be careful because there is a lot of BS on here but thee are also some very nice people. Take for example, just this week I finally had my first in person meeting with someone. Although nothing happened, I felt warm and relaxed around my new gentleman friend. And that was the chemistry I felt when I met him. We talked as if we had been friends for some time.

While many of the contacts I get are bogus, I have made some very nice online friends as well. I have found one who is ssooo romantic and so sweet! Makes me wish we had the bodies for mutual attraction and that it might have been nice if we were born from another time. I have made another online friend who really is intellectually my match. Let me tell you, talking with him is so refreshing. Another has a great sense of humor and I know when either of us are so depressed it's an effort to go on, We can count on each other to help us to see a bit of humor in a situation or to just give a little motivation to keep going on. AT this I am hopeful that if I am patient enough (and if I don't lose my mind first, lol)that I will meet my match. (Match being instead of finding several of my needs in different people, to find them in one person and he'll be sexy beyond compare!) I may be a dreamer but it sure beats being depressed. I still think of my ex and feel anger and hurt but my kids and AdultFriendFinder has kept me busy enough that I don't think about him quite as much.

harleyrider410 51M

12/3/2005 6:24 am

Hang in there Sweetie, I have been on here for a couple of months. I have met a couple of nice gals and had some fun times with them. I'm probably not your cup of tea as it were, But if you have intrest in chatting that is fine with me. We all need friends and it sounds like you are finding some. I am going through a divorce at the moment an economics forces us to live under the same roof. It's very hard for me at times. We or I take care of her elderly father. She can't seem to stay home and out of the bars enough to see to his needs. I did hire a nurse for him for the day time but at night I will stay with him as long as I don't have some big important date. So hang tough and if you want to chat feel free.

rm_Luckyshet 53M
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12/3/2005 9:55 am

Why hello Horny,
I thought I was the only person from the Park---LOL that was in this group. I haven't even got to meet anyone yet form AdultFriendFinder because the Rockford group lacks activity and most everyone in this group seems to live in the QC area. It would be nice to chat and /or meet someone from this area. I can't say that I am the all around package you are loking for but who knows Right? (My main concern is the SEXY beyond compare--lol)
I am smarter than "what's his name"! Funnier than "you know who" and sexier than " the guy in the mirror"
All kidding aside, I hope you find what you want!!!! Hope to chat w/you soon!!

mercury10_1965 51M

12/3/2005 10:25 am

I think you're going about it the right way... He is out there -- gauranteed -- just be patient and have fun. Cliche coming! "Life is to short" so keep the faith and definitely keep the blog! I enjoy hearing your take on things

HaulinBass 54M

12/5/2005 8:58 am


First of all, I'm happy that you did get a chance to meet with someone this week. I suspect that all of us can identify with the difficulty finding all of our desires from a partner wrapped up in one sexy package.

This is just a thought provoked by a snapshot into the immense mystery of your mind and emotions so, if I'm way off base, please forgive me. You mentioned that you are grateful for the fact that your children and this site provide a welcome distraction from what would otherwise be anger and hurt toward your x. It sounds like you have some emotions to deal with (everyone does) and they're probably best dealt with before you could fully give yourself to a Mr. Right.

This site provides a great forum to work through some of this pain and confliction. If for no other reason, I encourage you to take advantage of us

On a personal note, I still owe you a lunch and would hate to be prevented from meeting you someday.

Hang in there and use us however you see fit.

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