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Something for you to read

Sensual Hands

The man entered the room wearing only a robe. The light curtains on the window were being blown apart by the wind so that if someone was to look from next door then they could see him and his wife here. The man smiled at the thought of Gwen next door watching them. After all she was a prim and proper white-haired ex-school-teacher though he would admit she was still slim, attractive and petite. Many was the time that he remembered seeing her in the garden in that one piece black swimsuit when she was both weeding and catching the sun it was good that he loved his wife dearly because he had always considered Gwen really hot.

Well here he was so that his wife could practice her massage. He hummed to himself as he brushed back his grey hair and smiled as his wife in her robe prepared oils to rub into his skin. He wondered why she was wearing a robe, once the children had moved away they had usually worn nothing around the house. Forty years married to this wonderful woman, not many could say that. True there had been some bad times but there had been more good times in their life together. Now in their retirement they were doing things that they had always promised themselves that they would when they had time.

He smiled as he remembered skinny-dipping with her only last week. Now it was to be her model so she could practice her massage, something she was learning at night school. Looking at hm she had a sparkle in her eye then she pursed her lips in fake frustration.

"Hey lose the robe and get on the table," she said.

Shrugging out of the robe he climbed naked face down onto the table that was covered in a thin mattress that was covered in a towel. The breeze cooled his skin on an otherwise warm room. Then he felt the slow spattering of oil on the skin of his back. He murmured with pleasure as he felt his wife's hands began to rub the oil into his shoulders and neck. He relaxed as he felt her move to his head and he felt that he should whip the robe off and try his wicked way with her. Something he knew would bring him grief so he continued to enjoy her clever fingers massaging his back.

"Mmmm if you ever want to practice then I'm your man," the man said.

As he spoke he thought he saw the curtains opposite them twitch, he remarked the fact to his wife and she snorted with laughter.

"Wouldn't be the first time Gwenny's seen you in the nude. She's often said she would like your cock in her ass," the grey-haired woman said matter a factly.

"What?" the man exclaimed, prim and proper Gwen liked it in the ass.

He knew that his wife was friendly with the woman but this was something he had not expected, he wondered if he wanted to say anything but decided if she wanted to say anything he would be told. As it was he felt his cock grow as he imagined Gwen with a cock up her ass. He had never been into anal but sometimes he had wondered also he had often thought it coincidence that when he was sunning in the nude she worked on her garden, The his wife slipped her robe off so that she was naked and moved further down his body and began to oil his backside.

"Yes she said that Joe her ex liked sticking his cock into her ass. She said the first time was agony but she got used to it and got to like it over time," she pulled open his crease and oiled between the cheeks while brushing her fingertips along his balls and the flesh between his ass and balls," He was a pig but once she kicked him out she missed the sex and she used to perv on you whenever she could, told me that she thought I was a lucky woman. Don't get a big head over it mind you."

As she said that she slapped his buttocks causing him to rear and then she began to massage his legs and his feet relaxing him again after he had settled back on the table.

"Time to turn over," she remarked.

As he turned over his half-erect cock was easily seen. Also seen was his naked wife and that certainly aroused him. Oh yes she was that firm young thing that he had married so long ago but she was to him still a damned attractive woman and he enjoyed when they made love together. She smiled suggestively as his cock twitched. Standing over it she leant over the hardening flesh and allowed her breasts to trace a pattern over the fleshy spear. Quickly he was fully erect and she was rubbing her nipples along its entire length driving him to distraction.

"Hmmm you obviously like that. I love how your cock looks when it's hard," she remarked as she stood up and wrapped her hand about his shaft," And when you asked me to suck you off the first time it seemed so strange."

She continued to talk as she slowly jerked her hand up and down on his hard cock, he groaned with desire and he saw that wicked gleam in her eyes that meant she was in a playful mood. Using her other hand she massaged his balls in their sack and licked her lips in the most suggestive way she could. Just looking at her seemed to excite him more than he could imagine.

"I didn't like the taste of your cum of course and even now it is far too salty for me to like but I loved seeing your toes curl up when you came," she said as jerked her hand quicker and allowed her thumb to run itself over his cock's head and under the lip," Just like they are doing now in fact. That tells me you are really liking what I am doing. Then when you sucked me off it was heaven, I never thought I could cum so much."

Then there was silence as she pumped his cock hard for a couple of seconds and stopped to let him settle down. Oh she knew how to be an expert tease and she was in the mood to make him wait to cum. All this talk excited him as much as her fist wrapped about his cock. Then she pumped his cock slowly and hard as she continued to talk.

"When you let your tongue flick my clit I just squirted cum like I was a water hose. Yes I am very lucky to have a husband who likes to fuck his wife well and knows how to use that tongue of his," she stopped and looked at his cock some more and then laughed," I think I better let you cum soon otherwise you might have a heart attack."

As she said that her hand pumped his cock quicker and harder. She didn't speak anymore just jerked his cock off until he looked ready to cum.

"That's good isn't it dear. Cum for me, give me that squirting waterfall when you cum," she said to him.

"I love seeing you cum. Cum for me dear," she said.

"Yesssss!!!!" he groaned as he felt the first squirts of his cum shooting out of his cock.

"That's it, give it to me, give it all to me," as she spoke she was jerking his cock off hard squeezing out each drop that she could from his squirting flesh.

His cum settled on his stomach. Finally he stopped and taking a cool damp cloth from the table near her she carefully wiped up each drop of cum from his body. Then she helped him to his feet and led him naked to their bedroom.

"You know seeing you cum was so hot that I wouldn't mind you using that tongue of yours on my pussy," then she giggled and turned to him to say," One thing you can say about Gwenny and that is she has the devil's tongue when she licks pussy."

With that comment she led her delightfully shocked husband to their bed.

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