A little light summer reading  

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A little light summer reading

The Wasp's Sting

The afternoon's heat made us lazy and sleepy, it seeped into both of us and made a magic in the air that seemed not of this world. I had driven you to a clearing beside the still creek as you had commanded me to do and you had drunk chilled champagne and eaten your watercress sandwiches. Now you dozed beneath a large oak tree. You were a vision in white that was beautiful and beyond me.

As the Lord's daughter you would marry those who were of the right social standing and such as I was beneath you in all ways. So as you dozed I played with the engine of the Silver Lady Rolls Royce of 1910 and marvelled at how this decade had created a magnificent machine like this and the conquest of the air. I heard you scream and bumped my head on the hood as I rushed to your side.

"Something has bitten me and it is still there” ,as you spoke you pulled up your skirt and I saw the wasp caught in the white stockings you wore.

"Hold still my Lady," and carefully and gently I crushed the insect and pulled it from the fine silk mesh.

You continued to rub at the sting and complained of the pain. As you did so I admired the curve of your thigh and the sight of your legs. Perhaps it was these things that made me try to suggestion I now made.

"My Lady perhaps if I could rub it I may ease your pain. I would need to rub bare skin."

Looking at me you had a gleam in your eye and you nodded your head. Smiling a half-smile you rolled the white stockings to your knees and hoisted your skirt to mid thigh length. The sight of you like this had given me a painful erection and I was certain that you knew I was hard. I knelt between your legs and started to rub gently around the wound on your inner thigh.

The feel of my hands on your sensitive flesh seemed to make your body tremble and you raised your skirt to the tops of your thighs but modestly covered the honey pot above the thighs. Opening your legs further I heard you quietly talk to me.

"It is certainly making me feel better but I feel so hot perhaps the sting is poisoned. I have heard that it is sometimes good to suck such poisons out, perhaps you should do so."

I smiled as I bent forward and began to kiss, lick and nibble at the flesh between your legs. I saw you unbutton two of your shirt buttons and expose the flesh of your breast. I could make out the shape of your nipples hard and you touched one and sighed deeply. I turned back to your thighs and pushed up your skirt to expose the hair covering your pubis and pussylips. There was moisture on them and I saw juice leak from your excited pussy.

Slowly, gently I touched the lips and felt a shudder push through your body... I felt along the sensitive swollen ridge of your lips. I felt my cock pulse with intense need. Leaning forward I licked along the lips exploring touching and feeling each curve, each crevasse and enjoying the shudders of pleasure.

"Yesssssss! That is good; you must continue otherwise it might continue to hurt me."

Gasping as you said this you screamed as I thrust my tongue between your lips and reached upwards. Using my fingers I opened your lips and sought your clitoris. The clit, the mountain of pleasure between your lips. It was already peeking out of its hood and when I touched it with my tongue you screamed with pleasure. As you did so cum flooded my mouth and spilled over my chin. I tasted you and drank from the ambrosia of your pleasure. I delighted in your honey, your juice and I explored your clit as I drank.

Shudder after shudder thrust through your body as you came again and again as I thrust my tongue frantically into you. Your back arched and my fingers pinched your nipples under your shift.

"Yes, Yesss!!!!!!! Harder, harder!!!!!!!"

I stopped to the mewling of your frustration and pulled my body over yours. I pulled aside the thin cotton and sucked and licked at your nipples. Doing so I also unbuttoned my fly and pulled my aching cock from its cloth prison. As I caressed the curves of your breasts I rubbed it along your thigh leaving a glittering trail of precum. I pulled up further and you felt my cock touch your lips as I kissed you dramatically. My tongue thrust deep into your mouth.

Your tongue responded to mine and I felt my cock part your lips and as I kissed you I felt my cock slip into you. Smoothly and without difficulty I filled you and felt your pussy hold my cock and caress it. We groaned as I thrust in and out of you. I felt your legs pull over my back and buttocks and try to pull me inside you further.

We were two mad things that fucked and lost ourselves in our passions. I felt your pussy pulse and shudder with orgasms and I felt my cock thrust into you again and again. You were wet and steamy and I wanted more. My balls squeezed and I felt my cum wash from my body into yours. String after string of cum filled you until it dribbled down your thighs. In the end I slowed and stopped, my cock softened and I slipped from you. We lay beside each other until I rose and straightened my uniform, as you rearranged your clothing.

From that day I drove you for many a year.

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