A Day Dipped In Honee - Day 1  

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12/28/2005 7:08 pm

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A Day Dipped In Honee - Day 1

One day, she was walking along the beach up by Lake Allatona. Her friend has a cabin there and she was visiting for the week-end. It was a nice day, quiet. As she walked along she saw
the life guard's chair sitting there, it was empty, so she climbed up.

What a view, she thought looking out over the water. "Hey"! "What are you doing in my seat"!
It was the lifeguard, returning to his seat.

He was tanned and very solid from where she sat.
"Oh, I am sorry, it was empty". As she got up
to come down he said no, stay there. You look good so good up there.

The seat was wide enough for two and he had an ice chest to the side. "Would you like a drink"? "Sorry, I don't drink, especially with strangers." My name is Mark and I only have cokes in here, so don't worry.

As Mark sat down next to Honee, something stirred within him. He said to himself, she has nice tits. His mind wondered into her shirt as he watched her lean her head back drinking the coke.

"It is a nice evening", she said, "I didn't realize lifeguards work this late". "Well its such a beautiful night, and sometimes I sit out here and enjoy the fresh air". She stuck out her hand to him, "by the way, my name is Honee."

As he took her hand, He his eyes widened, "are you the same Honee from AdultFriendFinder?" "Why yes, she replied. Well that cinched it for him. "Honee, he said, I know we are just meeting and all but would you like to come over to my cabana for a while"? "It's just down the way" "Sure Baby...

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