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9/11/2005 8:05 pm

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just talking feel free to reply

so here goes,iam still learning the lay of the land.aberdeen and the immediate areas are easy to navigate.iam eager to visit the water front at haver de grace,hopefully its like the water front in savannah,cant wait to see it.

now going to baltimore will be a slightly different story,iam still looking for a guide. its not the size of the city,i just dont know where to go,and i also dont know the areas to avoid.its not that iam afraid of the bad areas,i could care less iam just not in the mood to dispatch somebody who might want to do me harm(too much dam paper work),anyway enough of that.

now there are alot of people in the maryland area,and hopefully i can meet a few of them,to hang out with.so the e-mail process continues,its a process that requires patience, a lot of patience.because you never know if the person you are writing to is interested,now if they are they will write you back,but if there not you wont hear a thing.

now here is my thing if the person takes the time to read your e-mail and look at the pic youve sent,whats wrong with hitting the reply button and saying hey, thanks but no thanks. tell me what you think.

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