She's Gone  

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6/12/2006 9:22 am

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She's Gone


It's now been just over six month since my wife died (bless her)I still miss her. This is what I wrote to some friends.

Hi all

I'm going off line for a few days my wife died last night at about 11o'clock I think she had a heart attack she just dropped dead in front of me I could not do a thing for her. I tried pumping her chest Mouth to mouth resuscitation but I just could not help her. she will be sadly missed.

I told you all about her situation when I first joined so see you all for a few days


As times time is moving on I still miss her. I miss her presence, company, her cheekiness, her trying to wind me up. Boy did I go through hell. This is what I wrote to my friends again.


I would like to thank all friends. As you all now I've been through some bad times recently with my Wife dying etc etc, so i hit the bottle and I thought my world was coming to an end.

I would like to thank certain people anyway to many to mention. These friends kept me going through my bad times and helped me to pull through to the other side. They helped me to realise life must go on and to keep going for my students in college who look up to me for support and comfort at times, so as you see I had to take a look at myself and eventually decided I had to carry on for my wife, for friends, for the students.

Now life is getting a little easier, I have met a young lady and we have got a good friendship going. We have talked about what we should do with our friendship and we are taking things steady. So you see I have now something to look forwards to and I now my wife would agree to my new lady in my life.

Thanks to all and I mean everyone for helping.

Anyway this young ladies friendship didn't last she had children and it was a bad time for us. I don't see her anymore bur we remain friends.

My wife was a web page designer. this is what I wrote.


As you all know my wife died last November, she was a Web Page/Site designer. In her last few months before she died she got a phone call from America asking her to Design a site for this persons kids and they wanted all the animals they knew and loved putting on the site so she designed this for them. I have taken the links to the sites out as you cannot put links to sites in on here lol

There is another site I want you to look at this is a site that is dedicated to my wife from a web designer in Holland lots of pics of my wife it's not quite finished but you still can look at what has been done so far.

There is one other site I would like you to look at this is her first domain site she designed again a call from America asking to do this site about pets getting married. :lol:

I hope you enjoy looking at these sites and I would love you to just have a look.

My god how I miss her it's making me weep just looking around these sites making sure they still work.

Hi Again

just to say thank you for all your kind remarks and lovely words. Yes my wife Sandra was a remarkable woman and very talented in many ways not only did she do web sites she taught them as well and thats how i got into teaching I used to be her assistant as she got unwell.

Not only did she spend many hours doing web site only using Microsoft Publisher and nothing else she was a nurse until she had to retire through ill health and then joined the local vets surgery as his assistant and found time to train as a vet.

One last thing i wish to tell you amongst her many talents/jobs she used to do voluntary work for a Parrot Rescue we used to travel all over the country rescuing parrots and all sorts of birds. I really do miss that woman and I will never forget her.

I'm just wondering if she would have found time to make web sites for all our friends. I just bet she would have done and to my knowledge she never got paid a penny for all the time she spent on them. these are just a couple of site i have put up and as I have said most of her work Was for Americans and in Holland. To my knowledge there will be another site for Sandra which is being done in America and is under construction.

I hope you did enjoy the sites please keep your replies coming in as I love reading them (hic) (hic)

All the best my friends (hic) (hic)

Well this is a little story so far of how i'm progressing since my wife's death. Now I'm on here bored and lonely, trying to move on.

I do hope you enjoy this and you will understand.

rm_homophone 63M
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6/12/2006 12:02 pm

Hi Jems

Thanks for taking a look. Yes I've been through hell recently but slowly and surely I'm getting there. I'm not drinking so much now and there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.


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