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After a shit day at work, I let myself into the apartment I shared with the twins. As I opened the door, I could hear the music playing and smell Thai food being cooked. It was so good to be home.

Dan came into the hallway as I was hanging up my coat. “Hello princess, you look dead beat! Come and have a glass of wine and tell us all about it!”

He led me into the living room, pushed me firmly down on the sofa and knelt to take off my shoes. Sitting cross-legged on the floor he started to massage my feet, wonderful.

His brother came in carrying three glasses and a bottle of Syrah. Setting the glasses down on the wooden coffee table, he winked at me. “Hello, honey. Feeling all done in? Good thing I made Thai then isn’t it?” He poured the wine, passed me a glass then returned to the kitchen, returning not much later with a tray of food.

We sat eating the curry watching the news, not saying much. It was quiet companionship. I had been living in this apartment for two years, originally with Rob and his girlfriend of the time, Sara. But Sara had moved out, about a year later, to move in with her boss, Emily. Rob had been gutted and it had been a hard time keeping him on an even keel. Then three months ago, his twin Dan, had come back to the UK after working in Dubai for two years. He moved into the spare room and it looked like he had no intention of moving out.

It was great living with these two good looking men, who vetted my boyfriends, and brought me home safely if I got drunk! Perfect co-habitation (oh and did I mention that Rob was a perfect housewife!).

This evening we decided to sit and watch a DVD that Dan had rented. It was the usual Hollywood blockbuster, beautiful people, beautiful scenery, boy meets girl, they have the most luscious sex, life is perfect. Exactly what I needed.

We sat on the sofa, all three, watching the film. The lights had been dimmed and we had a soft fleecy blanket drawn up over us. Laughingly, I said we were like three old dears settling in for their weekly film before hot chocolate and bed! The lads took offence and stuck their noses in the air, but it was all taken in good part.

Gradually, we stopped commenting and were engrossed in the film.

During the run up to the inevitable sex scene I started to feel just a little discontented. It was three months since I had split with my boyfriend, and I hadn’t seen anyone since. I sighed and refilled my glass, turning to refill the lads’ glasses too. Then we settled back to continue watching the film.

On the screen, the English heartthrob started to undress the little Australian actress, his hands gliding over her breasts and around her waist. I noticed that the room had gone very quiet, and my heartbeat had sped up. Slowly the actresses blouse was unbuttoned, and her bare breasts swung free, only to be caught up by his hands. I closed my eyes briefly, jealous flaring up in me, only to open them with a snap as I felt a hand slide its way towards my top button. I opened my mouth to protest, when Dan whispered in my ear, “Shh let him. We’ve both wanted to do this for ages!” He turned slightly and started to undo the bottom button of my blouse. I sat staring at the couple on the screen who were now both standing naked and kissing, as the twins’ hands worked their way towards each other, undoing the buttons.

Once the blouse was open, they spread it out, exposing my breasts, encased in their black lace bra. There was a low moan from my right and Rob slid his hand up to hold my breast. Dan chuckled as I drew a breath and followed suit, his thumb tracing a circle around my still covered nipple. I wriggled slightly and Rob noticed the glass of wine still in my hand. He took it from me, placed it on the side table, saying huskily “You might want some more in a bit, but you don’t need that right now!” before replacing his hand on my breast.

My breathing was speeding up and I closed my eyes as I felt Rob’s mouth close around me, soaking the lace and sucking at me. Dan was licking my neck, his tongue flicking along my jawline and around my earlobe before returning to kiss along my collarbone.

After a few minutes, the lads made me sit up and they eased my blouse off my arms, then undid my bra. Only once both items of clothing had been thrown to the other side of the room, did they allow me to sit back again. This time both men took a breast in their mouth, sucking and kissing and nibbling at different rhythms, different power. I threw my head back and looked at the ceiling, a feeling of true sexuality rising through me like an earth mother, fulfilling her role to mankind. It was awesome, feeling the tugging at my breasts, the concurrent tugging in the middle of my stomach, as desire started to overtake me. I lifted my hips and undid the zip to my skirt, pushing it down over my hips. Rob gave it a tug and pushed it beyond my knees, letting it fall to gather around my ankles. I kicked it off and ever so slightly widened the gap between my knees.

Not slow to take the hint, Dan ran his finger along my stocking top and under the suspender strap. It brought goose bumps up on my thighs and I shivered slightly. Rob copied his brother, and they were tickling and tracing circles on the soft flesh just above my stocking, while feeding on my breasts like there was no tomorrow.

There had been no signal, no murmur but as one, both men slid a finger into my panties and traced a dual line down from my clit to my vagina, slowly, firmly, sensuously. They gradually created a slick track between the two as I got wetter and I started to moan. Every time I wriggled or raised my hips their hands would flatten and they would hold me down to the sofa, grazing my nipples with their teeth in reproof. I was to be their plaything, their goddess, and I was to enjoy what they chose to give me.

Their hands were working faster now, and with a sudden powerful thrust, two fingers entered me and they were pumping at me, their fingers beating at tattoo inside me. I glanced down, and saw they had intertwined their hands to ensure this complete takeover of my body was co-ordinated.

Groaning I could take no more and I wanted to slide further down, to flatten myself out. I let my body go heavy, but they took the weight on their hands, letting me force them deeper in me. Dan started to kiss me, his tongue sliding across my lips, never entering my mouth, just parting my lips and letting me taste wine on his tongue. Rob slid his finger out of me, and started to create another slipway to my arse, his finger flicking around that opening in a circle before coming back to dip into my cunt again and again.

My panties were soaking and cooling in the air, I could feel them and I wanted to take them off. I reached down to ease them down my legs and Rob grabbed my hand, guiding my fingers into me, three of them, deep into me, alongside his and Dan’s fingers. It was wet, warm and wild in there, and I started to rub hard.

Dan laughed again and sat back, his hand working at me, while he watched it avidly. Then he pulled it away from me and I could see it shining in the half light. He stuck one finger in his mouth sucking it clean, then held the other to mine and slid it between my lips and my teeth deep into my mouth, forcing me to suck. I did as I was told, there not being any option and the taste of my own juice made me moan and my cunt throbbed against the fingers that were still in me.

“Tastes good, doesn’t it?” he whispered.

”Really?” his brother asked and slid to kneel between my legs. He pushed my hand aside and opened his mouth wide over my whole cunt, biting the soft cotton of my panties, and sucking at me.

I raised my backside off the sofa, pushing hard against his mouth. I wanted him to penetrate me; I wanted the touch of his tongue deep inside me. Dan leant over, and kissed me, his tongue sliding to the back of mine, his hands on my breasts, pinching my nipples and pulling at them making them quiver each time they were released. Then he stood, cleared the magazines from the coffee table and covered it with the blanket.

Rob took a bite at me, making me gasp, then slid his arms under me and lifted me in one fluid, strong motion off the sofa and onto the table, where I lay, my arms hanging either side, fingers just touching the floor, my legs off one end, knees spread. He removed my pants, leaving the stockings in place and he spread my lips with his fingers looking long and hard at my cunt before sticking out his tongue, making the tip hard and running it up and down the track between clit and arse before plunging it into the latter. Meanwhile, Dan had undressed and was standing off to one side, a glass of wine in his hand. I looked across at him and gasped when I saw his erection, his dick standing straight up, thick and long, the head not tapering in, but heavy and if it were possible, seeming even thicker than the rest of him. I didn’t think I would be big enough for him and the frisson of fear made me even hornier. As Rob tongue fucked me, Dan lifted my head and allowed me to drink a mouthful of wine. I swallowed it and smiled my thanks. Then my eyes opened wide as he dipped his dick into the glass then straddled me, pressing it onto my lips, and into my mouth. He was sitting on my breasts, and I couldn’t move as he started to gently push his body back and forth, his dick sliding along my tongue, pressing ever so briefly against the back of my throat with each thrust. I could taste his saltiness even over the wine and it tasted good. But I was hardly taking any of him in. He leant back and started to slide his fingers in and out of me and that was when I noticed that Rob was now standing, naked, his dick pointing straight at me. He was not as long as his brother, but just as thick, and the eye glistened as it bounced in front of me.

Dan slid out of my mouth and backed off until he was standing next to his twin. They held out their hands and gently helped me to a sitting position, then stood me up, before sandwiching me between them and showering my body with kisses.

I could feel them rubbing their dicks against me, their hands roaming all over me, sometimes connecting and working together, sometimes alone. I could no longer work out who was who. One of them slid his dick between my legs from behind so it stuck right through. I played with the head, pressing it against me as he thrust against my hand and me. I realised it was Dan, as Rob placed his in the same place going in the opposite direction. Then Dan groaned and pulled away, moaning “Not yet, oh god you make me want to cum!” Rob turned me to the sofa, making me kneel on it and lean against the back. He slid his dick into my wet cunt, slowly taking it as deep as he could before slowly withdrawing it and bending to lick me.

I could feel my juices starting to slide down me and briefly thought about the sofa, but it was leather, it would be fine. Then Rob slammed into me, forcing me against the back of the sofa and he rode me hard for a minute, in and out like a piston making me moan with every thrust. Then just as suddenly he was no longer there and there was a pause. I was about to turn to look when I was forced forward again by another thrust, this one harder, almost painful as it seemed to try to push right through me. Dan was fucking me now. He didn’t bother with gentleness; he had his hands on my hips and was slamming into me. I was no longer moaning, but crying out as he buried himself in me, he was too big for me, I felt like I would be split in two, but still my cunt throbbed. Then he withdrew, turned me round gently and kissed me, small loving kisses, licking away the tears that had formed on my cheeks and stroking my sides with silken fingers. Rob took a hand, and together they led me into Rob’s bedroom. We lay together on the bed, and both men were kissing and stroking me, as I slid my hands up and down their shafts, touching the soft heads and drawing the moisture down the length of them. Rob turned me over so that I was facing his brother. Dan slid his hand between my legs, kissing me all the while, his fingers rekindling the throb. Rob was kissing my neck, and his hand joined his brothers, but only so he could draw fluid along to my arse, gradually he slid his finger into that tight place, never forcing, just gently finding his way. Once he was deep as he could get in me, he made a few gentle thrust motions, before withdrawing his finger slightly and pushing it back in. The feeling was like nothing I had ever experienced before and I was torn between pushing down hard on his hand, or thrusting against Dan who was sucking my tits. Rob slid a hand under me and round, grabbing one tit, and holding it for his brother to suck on.

After a while, he slid his hand out, and slid his body closer to me. I could feel him slide his dick between my legs and into my cunt, and I raised one leg to give him more room. After a few thrusts though, he pushed my leg down and slid out of my cunt and into my arse with one swift firm movement. I had no time to react and then he was deep inside my arse and grunting as he thrust against me. Dan took his cue and slid his dick into my cunt. They held me tightly, thrusting into me, sometimes in unison, sometimes at odds, but their moans and grunts were turning me on and I started to buck against them, ignoring their needs and working on my own. I slid my hands between me and Dan and started to masturbate, rubbing my clit hard, my fingers sliding in beside his wet dick. But as I got more frenzied and started to close around their dicks, Dan took my hands away, pinning them to my side. “Not yet,” he murmured.

Then he came, with one final hard thrust he pulsed into me, and surprised me as I felt his hot cum hit me deep inside. As he slowed so Rob came, his balls hard against me as his whole body went rigid and he shot into me with a series of powerful throbs.

Disappointed because I wanted to orgasm I started to speak, but Dan kissed me, “Patience Goddess” he said as he withdrew. He was still rock hard, but now glistening with his cum. He slid his dick into my mouth, rolling me onto my back as his brother withdrew. Rob’s dick was hard and red, an angry red. Neither looked like they had had enough.

“This is what you do to us, girl!” he said hoarsely and he knelt to suck at my clit. Dan agreed, “You’ve kept us up so many nights, because we couldn’t get these guys to understand that they weren’t allowed near you!” He leant forward until his body was directly over my head and thrust down, his dick pushing deep into my throat, my gag reflex overcome by it and ignored. I sucked hungrily at him as he eased this hot rod in and out. I could see it getting thicker and it was starting to throb in my mouth. I reached up and grasped Dan’s arse, spreading the cheeks roughly my nails digging into the soft flesh. Then I thrust my finger up his arse and fucked him hard, not caring if my nails scratched him. He groaned and thrust deeper in me, trying to take revenge. When this didn’t work, he pulled out and pushed his brother out of the way. Pulling me upright, he ordered me to kneel facing away from him. Then I felt his hands on my hips and he lifted me up and sat me down on him, his dick embedded deep inside of me. He thrust and fucked me as Rob watched, his fingers keeping his dick pointed at me. I was getting really desperate at this point, my body at breaking point, ready to come. Then Dan lifted me up again and slid his long dick into my arse, forcing me to sit hard down on his lap until he was completely in me. I was shouting out now in pain and desire as he lay back, fucking me all the time but pulling me to lie on top of him. Rob spread my legs and took me, his now huge dick slamming into me, in total counterpoint to the gentle kisses he was placing on my mouth. Unable to contain himself, Dan came, his fingers digging into my clit where his brother was pounding against them. It was too much for me and with a scream I clamped down on both of them, my cunt throbbing hard, threatening to squeeze Rob out. He pushed his shoulders back and his head stretched back to look at the ceiling as he came too.

As we quietened, I realised I was still throbbing, although I felt much calmer. The lads were still in me as we rolled clumsily onto our side.

“Christ!” said Rob, “she’s not finished with us yet!”

Dan replied, “that’s the way it should be, I fucked her and you have covered my cum. You took her up the arse and I followed. We are two, she is one. She has every right to demand more.”

He kissed my ear, “You are beautiful, my princess!”
“You taste like honey,” said his brother. Slowly they both started to move again.

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8/22/2006 5:30 pm

Ohhh, I didn't need to read that right now! Nice blog, if you continue to write like that I won't be able to walk without discomfort!

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Thank you VATraveller, don't worry, i shall be writing more.

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