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OK, by special request I am posting my story about LULAC! This story takes place in 1994, at a department store styling salon that shall remain nameless. One fine day two of the Spanish speaking Hispanic stylists where chatting away, yes, you guessed it, in Spanish while one of them was cutting the hair of a non-Spanish speaking customer. Another non-Hispanic stylist who could “se habla” realized that they were being rather derogatory and insulting about the customer in the chair. Being the good citizen she is, she promptly informed the non-Hispanic manager of the salon who could also “se habla”. Well the manager proceeded to listen in on the conversation and when she found out that they were being disrespectful to the customer, she called them both in the office and gave them the reaming they deserved! She proceeded to tell the entire salon that if this is what was going to be going on then no one was permitted to speak Spanish in front of a customer who could not understand what was being said, unless of course it was necessary in the course of business. Hooray for her, or so we thought. Shortly thereafter LULAC rears its head with an attorney because she violated the rights of these two women. Imagine that, it is the RIGHT of these two women to ridicule someone in such a fashion! OK, she backed off on the rule, think that was enough? Not just no, but HELL NO!!!! She was forced to print an apology in the first section of the local newspaper!!!! Was that enough? Once again HELL NO!!!! You see, this manager was not only the salon manager, but one of the store managers as well, which was promptly remedied, and she was reduced to just salon manager with the commensurate reductions one would expect with such a demotion. Now if you want my opinion, she was justified in making the statement based on the fact that it is common courtesy to not speak so of others, especially the person you are providing a service to! I mean what ever happened to common courtesy? But when you have these out of control bureaucratic agencies that have either over-exaggerated or completely lost sight of why they were created in the first place, it is no longer a question of what is right or wrong, it is a question of what “the agency thinks is right or wrong”, and this usually serves their own little agenda. This agenda, quite often, is attention, and all they can get! Think about it, why did they escalate the matter by making the apology public? Wouldn’t any decent person accept a personal apology? And bringing pressure on the store to remove her from her position? This sounds like revenge to me, not justice, and no agency is in place to exact revenge, are they? To sum it all up, I am not in any way shape or form a racist or bigot; I feel we should all treat our fellow beings with respect and dignity; this includes not speaking badly in front of someone who cannot understand what you are saying about them. That falls into the category of cowardice! If you feel strongly enough to say something bad about someone, stand upright and say it to their face, at least which shows a certain level of respect for the individual. And when you get caught doing something like this, don’t run crying that someone has wronged you, remember you were doing wrong to another person in the first place. And somebody please reign in these agencies like LULAC, Amnesty International, The Sierra Club, all of the Unions, etc., etc. who have lost their way and serve themselves more than the people they are supposed to help. There are too many similar tales of all these groups going overboard to do nothing more than exert authority.

I will now step off the soap box and leave all you good readers in peace to digest what I have said, thank you for listening to my opinion, and I would love to hear yours.

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Yagotta get it soft and wet so we can kick/stick it

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