Let's talk about etiquette  

rm_highflyer312 39M
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9/5/2006 5:49 pm
Let's talk about etiquette

So last week I had a "date" on AdultFriendFinder. We got along well fun and flirty via email, and then had fun phone sex. So she asked me to come over at 10pm and I hopped in a taxi and came over. I sent her pictures ahead of time in the interest of full disclosure. I had none to work with from her, but whatever.

I arrive and she's not what I expected physically. That's not a problem. I mean, she sounded cool and I liked her. After 5 minutes, she says, I'm sorry and it's "not working for her" and asks me to leave. I ask for a "let's be friends hug" and got shot down.


I think that the problem is that I was expecting something a little different. Of course, you go into a situation like this and thinking you're going to have wild sex that's illegal in most states and end up with blue balls, as it were. Oh well. It's a bitch.

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