Is the hokey pokey all it is really about?  

rm_heythere36 51M
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4/24/2005 9:39 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Is the hokey pokey all it is really about?

One of my absolute favorite Buffett songs asks the question for the day...

What if life is just a cosmic joke?
Like spiders in your underwear or olives in your coke...
My life can get as messy as a day old sticky bun
So I arm myself with punch lines and a big ol' water gun
They say it's not that simple but just maybe it should be
It's time to change the subject, would you join me in a cup of herbal tea?

Maybe it's all too simple
For our brains to figure it out
What if the hokey pokey
Is all it really is about

You put your left hand in
you take your left hand out
you put your plastic ass in and you shake it all about,

you only have 2 choices,
having fun or freakin out
thats what its all about....

LOL. Have a GREAT day!

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