meeting my new fuck toy  

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10/23/2005 6:46 am

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meeting my new fuck toy

Yesterday I had an experience I need to write about. One of my friends ex-girlfriend called me and asked me if I could loan her some money. She is a little latina girl and as you have to know I like exotic girls.

I responded that I would do so if she would give me a blow-job. After some resistance she agreed so we met at her apartment in the evening.
She is a bit perky, but has a nice tanned body so I asked her to undress. Unfortunately she is not regularly shaving her cunt which is another thing I don't like. But who cares at the end a good fuck is what counts.

When she was standing naked in front of me I pulled out my dig and directed her head down on it. She opened her mouth and started sucking it down her throat with loud slurping sounds. Moving her head back and forth she suddenly pulled it out and licked my balls. I am clean shaved so no irritating hair was in the way.

Looking down on her I thought why stopping with the blow-job, so I grapped down between her legs and shoved my finger into her cunt. She stopped sucking for a moment, but after I started circling my finger around her clit she moved even faster on my fully erected dig.
When I thought it is enough I changed my position and moved myself behind her my big one pointing at the entry to her pussy. Without further hesitation I moved it right into the fuckhole and started pounding her hard while she gave moaning and whimpering sounds. I felt her body pounding in the rhythm. Apparently she didn't had a good fuck for a while and it didn't last long and a roaring orgasm was letting her body shiver.

I continued fucking her and stretched her ass with both hands to push a finger slowly into her backdoor. She looked at me with fear in her eyes but I ignored that and started to push a second finger and at last a third finger into it the tight whole. When I thought it has been stretched enough I pulled my prick out of her pussy and pushed it hard into her ass. A short scream escaped her mouth and I pumped her hard while I fingered her dripping pussy.
Suddenly I felt my orgasm coming so I pulled out my dick and moved her mouth down to it to shoot a big load of cum into her mouth. She willingly opened and stretched her thong out to make sure that she was not loosing any drop, which she managed well.

I fucked her a second and third time and we agreed to repeat such a session.

When I left late that evening I gave her 50 Euros and another 100 to buy some high heels and a razor to shave her pussy. Next time meeting her will be even more matching my taste.

I get hard one thinking about this again. I had to write this down. Hope you enjoyed reading this.

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