rm_hayyp_31 41M
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8/7/2006 9:40 am

This weekend was a quite one by my standards. Stayed in Fri and watched Rocky I had forgotten just what a great film it is. Anyway went to the gym sat and drove down to Oxford. Went over to my mothers house and chilled with my uncle who had come over from Ireland. Then went to my best mates birthday do. Stayed the night on my mothers floor after chatting to my uncle till about 3am.
Sunday went to mass yes mass and then went to catch up with one of my ex girlfriends. I am lucky that for the most part I get on with my ex's. Anyway went to pub by the river and had a couple. It was just a real nice and chilled afternoon.
Anyway drove back to Brum read a bit and went to bed.
This has been a very relaxed weekend and no where near as much drink has been drunk as would be on a normal one.

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