saturday nite @ the pub  

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6/25/2005 3:52 pm

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saturday nite @ the pub

I went to the local pub around the corner last nite. A week on hard work and on-call meant that I've been horny all week. I was drinking with a few freinds from work as everyone does when this lovely girl work past with her not so attractive friend.

They came over and I thought how lucky is this 2 girls chatting to us blokes. Unfortunately this gorgeous blond girl was one of my workmates firneds. I went to the tiolet where my workmate asked a really special favor.

He ask that I talk to her friend so that they could have some time alone to themselves. I told him he'd owe me bigtime. Anyway once returning from the tiolet I started to chat to my workmate girlfriends friend.

A couple of hours past and my mate offer me a ride home. I went home and inivited everyone in for a coffee. After the coffee, I decided again to use the toilet fascilities. My workmate and his girlfriend were kissing full on in the lounge.

As i just finished my piss the friend of this girl opened the door. My cock was still out of my pants when she opened the door. She then pushed me back into the toilet and started to kiss me on the lips whilst grabbing my cock in her hand.

after a couple of minutes my cock was rock hard. she bent down and sucked it hard. She was not attractive but she gave great head. after another couple of minutes she grab me and sat me on the toilet seat. She then straddled my legs and lower herself on my cock. I could'nt believe how wet she was, as usually i'd give a girl some oral and foreplay before pentration

She fuck me for the next 15 mins before I told her I had to cum. She asked me to cum inside her. She said that she'd been on birth control.
I exploded. she was literally dripping from cum when she hoped up. I went into the lounge to find that my workmate and his girlfriend had gone.

Then the girl said let's just go to bed. We went into my bedroom and fuck another 3 times during the nite. when I woke in the morning she was gone, but a small note saying see you next week for the same stuff.

What a great saturday nite

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