oh what a night .................. just waiting for the time Deb  

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oh what a night .................. just waiting for the time Deb

Finally Friday was here! The week had gone by so slowly. Debbie drew her coat close around her as she hurried to her car. She had just one more thing to pick up on the way home, and then she would be all set.

She stepped out of her car and went inside the clothing shop. This was part of her surprise for Ryan. She seldom wore sexy lingerie, even though she knew how much he loved it. She walked up to the counter and asked for the items she had put on hold the week before. Deb thought about what she had chosen as the clerk walked into the backroom to retrieve them. She had picked out two lacey teddies, a new nightie, and some new lacey undies. The clerk handed Debbie her package and she quickly hurried to the door. She tried not to giggle out loud thinking of these sexy things on her magnificient body.

The house was eerily quiet and dark as I walked through the door. I slowly looked around the familiar living room that now seemed oddly erotic. The only light was that of several candles placed around the room. Their flames danced from the soft breeze made by the ceiling fan slowly turning in the center of the room. Deb had really gone all out I thought. I stopped and bent down to smell the candle that was burning on the table beside the chair. God it smelled like her! The seductive scent of Red perfume rose to meet me. Beside the candle was a note from her. I recognized her handwriting immediately. Slowly I unfolded the note and read it softly to myself:

"Honey, I have a surprise for you, one that I'm sure you will find very much to your liking. I've been thinking of you all day...I can't wait to feel you inside me. I have a nice hot shower waiting for you. When you finish come back in here, I have many other surprises in store for you tonight." Love Deb

I reached down and ran my hand across my already swelling cock as I read the note filled with promises of a night full of erotic surprises.

I slowly walked into the steamy bathroom, where true to her note there was a hot shower waiting for me. I peeled off my sweaty work clothes and let them drop casually to the floor. As I stepped into the shower, the hot water ran over my back and chest. Damn it felt so good...so sensual. I let my mind drift to thoughts of Deb and her beautiful body. I loved the way she felt to my touch. She always felt so soft and smooth. Her lovely breasts that bounced when she rode me...I could imagine my hands on her firm ass...she was so soft everywhere and I loved that about her.

Her body was delicious. She was everything I had always wanted in a lover. The total and complete abandonment she showed when I made love to her. I reached down and brushed my hand over my stiffening cock. Thoughts of lovemaking always made me so hard. Knowing she was waiting for me made me quicken my pace to finish showering. I turned off the water and stepped out of the tub. I quickly dried myself and slipped into the silk boxers she had laid out for me. "Not too bad", I thought as I looked into the mirror.

I sat up on the edge of my seat as Deb stepped into the light. My heart skipped a beat. God, she was gorgeous! She stood before me in a red lacey nightie with nothing underneath. My eyes slowly drifted down her beautiful body.

Deb walked slowly over to me and began to kiss me slowly and passionately. I pulled her onto my lap and ran my hand over her thigh and underneath the gown. I moaned softly as I felt her silky skin against my hand. My lips kissed her neck lightly, and then I slowly let my lips glide down the V of her gown placing light kisses on her exposed breasts. She arched her back as I kissed my way down to her waist.

I slowly slipped my hand inside her gown and found her taut nipples. Lightly I brushed against their hardness causing Debbie to gasp with pleasure. Her soft lips found my again. Teasing them, she traced the outline of my lips with her tongue. Her hands explored my shoulders... back… and chest. Lightly she raked her nails over my skin. Deb could feel me growing harder beneath her. She could feel the pounding of my heart as she slid her hand across my chest. My mouth left hers and sought out her breasts. Tenderly I took her nipple into my mouth and started to suck on it.

I hand slid under the gown and up the inside of her thigh. Deb spread her legs apart for me, giving me access to her wet pussy. She was so turned on. Softly I slid my finger up and down her lips; lightly touching her clit...teasing her unmercifully. Loud moans of pleasure escaped her lips. I kissed her with such passion I felt I would explode. I needed to be inside her so much, needed to feel her naked body next to mine own. Deb gently got up and took me by the hand, leading me slowly to the bedroom.

Deb reached out to me and slowly slid the boxers over my hips. My cock so hard and proud. My face was so full of desire. I stepped out of them never letting my eyes leave hers. I moved in close to her. Slowly I slid my fingers under the straps of her gown and pushed it off her shoulders. The gown dropped quickly into a heap on the floor at her feet. I slid my arms around her body and pulled her closer. Feeling her naked body next to my own.

I tenderly laid her back on the bed...gazing at her beautiful body. She could see my hard, naked body lying next to her own on the enormous king sized bed. The soft glow of the moon came through the window. She reached over and began to softly stroke my face, her fingers tracing the outline of my firm jaw... eyes...slowly making their way down to my soft, wet lips.

Hungrily I took her fingers into my mouth and started to suck ever so gently on them...teasing them with my tongue. Waves of desire rocked through her as she arched closer to me...her body aching to feel my burning flesh next to her own. A low moan escaped her lips as my hand slid across her soft, silky breast. Her nipples hardened with my touch...almost seeming to strain upward to reach my hand. Her lust for me was too great to contain any longer.

I let my lips follow my hand, down across her belly, while my hand went on ahead to explore the her freshly shaven pussy. I stroked her thighs, then slid my hand between her knees. She was still half lying on her side, but she eased herself onto her back and spread her legs, her hands stroking my head, her breathing quickening as my fingers moved toward her very centre. Gently, very gently, I parted her lower lips with my fingers.

Her smell came to me, that wonderful smell; that mixture of scented soap and superheated woman that arousal brings. I breathed deeply of her, then eased myself over so that I was between her legs. I glanced up at her. Her eyes were shut and she was breathing heavily, almost gasping. I lowered my head and extended my tongue, pushing gently between her swollen lips and in towards her core. I licked her essence, tasting her, then let my tongue flick over her clitoris, just peeping from its hood.

Deb was ready, so very, very ready, and as my tongue flicked her clitoris she came, clamping my head between her thighs, a tight scream issuing from between her clenched teeth. Her fingers were locked in my hair and I couldn't have moved if I'd wanted to. I didn't. I licked at her again and she shuddered, gasping, tugging at me.

I moved up and eased my swollen prick towards her entrance. She took gentle hold and guided me into her. She was hot and wet and ready and there was little resistance as I buried myself. Deb gasped as I bottomed, her hands clutching at me, her heels coming up to hook behind me, pulling me in, deeper, further.

I began to move. Short strokes at first, letting us both get used to me being inside her, then longer as her natural lubrication coated my hardness. She was tight around my prick, but yielding to my thrusts. Her fingers were restless on my back, fluttering, tightening as I bottomed, easing as I drew back. Her breathing was quick, almost gasping and her excitement was transferring itself to me. I lengthened my stroke, pulling back until I almost left her, then thrusting strongly back into her, deep, my balls slapping against her ass.

Her breathing changed, adjusting itself to our rhythm, inhaling as I pushed into her, breathing out as I drew back. Our rhythm quickened and I could feel the tension beginning to build in me, the glorious tension that goes before the ecstasy of orgasm inside a woman. Deb was panting now, wordlessly at first then her gasps gradually took form as "Yes! Yes! Yes!" at each thrust of my rampant cock into her depths.

I was close now, very close, but I still had the wit to wonder if Deb was safe. "Deb," I managed to say, "I'm going to come soon, very soon now. Do you want me to pull out?"

She shook her head violently. "In me," she gasped, "come in me!"

And I came. Thrusting hard into Deb's depths, my cock buried inside her as far as I was able, I came. Shaking, shuddering as my seed exploded into her, my trembling gradually easing as the orgasm eased, collapsing over Deb who clutched me to herself.

Gradually, I stilled and eased myself back, still buried in Deb , taking my weight on my elbows, gazing at her. Deb's face was filmed with a sheen of sweat. Her eyes were closed and there was a beatific smile on her face. Her eyes opened and she looked at me, then kissed me lightly on the end of my nose.

"Thank you, Ryan ," she said solemnly, then grinned at me. "That was fucking marvellous!"

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12/11/2005 1:13 pm

Hi happyguy; I think its plainly obvious why you are such a happy guy. It looks to me like you have found the right girl to make you very happy so look after her and keep her happy as well. Fingers crossed and remember that a relationship requires a lot of on going maintenance to maintain this early glow, so I wish you both all the best. Good Luck.
There is some excellent writng here in this blog happyguy, its just a pity more people havent discovered your blog yet, because there are plenty who could learn from your writing. Your blog is a credit to all Victorian and Australian members so keep it up.
Feel free to visit my blog as I am sure any comment that you make will be well worded and thoughtful.
Keep blogging

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12/11/2005 3:31 pm


Thanks, MustangD6644, for recommending ppl read this blog. It is great writing!!! Though it did kinda ruin my calm happy state.

rm_MustangD6644 51M
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12/15/2005 4:39 am

I dont think your alone with that problem demonic as it can have an effect upon anyone with an immagination. I amd glad to see that you enjoyed my recommendation, very reassuring and thank you for the compliment, but happyguy deserves most of the credit.


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