hi there babe ? care for a swim anyone  

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hi there babe ? care for a swim anyone

She went on about how she had run some errands and had yet to change into her suit. I told her that I hadn't done so either. I stepped into my bedroom to pick up the clothes off the floor, so she could dress in there. She followed in me into the room, and we chatted on about nothing as I dropped clothes into the hamper. She was situating her pool stuff on my bed, and went to my dresser to grab my suit. After rustling through the clothes in my drawer, I finally found my blue trunks. I stood up to leave the room and to let her get changed. As I turned to speak to her, she pulled the baby tee up over her head. I froze in place as I stared at her now naked breasts. It had been two years since I had seen them.

They were never that large, but they were cute. A full B size cup, nicely tanned, with perky nipples. She was going on about something, and she hadn't noticed my stare. She began to unbutton her jeans, and then she stopped to look at my face. She asked me what the problem was. I shuddered that there wasn't a problem. She apologized for undressing in front of me. I tried to play cool and laugh it off. I told her how I had seen it all before. She smiled and went back to unbuttoning her jeans. She bent over and slid them to the floor. She stood back up and then my eyes popped. She had shaved herself clean. There was nothing but tanned skin between the crack of her crotch.

She started to dress into her bikini, all the while talking as if it was no big deal to be naked in front of me. My cock was about ready to burst through the zipper of my shorts. Her bikini wasn't doing much to cover what I had just seen. It was a light blue that perfectly complimented her beautiful figure. I excused myself as she clasped her bikini bra.

I jumped into the bathroom with my suit. My head was spinning with excitement. I dropped my shorts to ease the pressure of my rigid cock. I tried to calm down, but the image of her hairless pussy was now permanently burned into my head.

Confident that I could control myself, I came back into the bedroom. She sat on my bed rubbing lotion on her stomach and chest. I stopped to admire her body again. She looked incredible. She gave me another questionable look and asked if I was OK. I am sure I was red all over, but I again confirmed that nothing was wrong. We gathered up the towels and her bag and we made our way to the pool.

We entered the pool area and settled into some chairs. As nice a day as it was, there wasn't many people outside. An older couple sat at a table near the entrance. A single girl was off in the corner sunning. A guy in his mid-thirties was positioned in close proximity to the girl, hoping to catch her attention. We walked to the edge of the pool to check the water. I knew that both guys were staring her down. I bravely jumped into the refreshingly cool water, as she gingerly made her way down the steps. The cold water shot goosebumps up her legs, and stiffened her already perky nipples. The bikini top did little to hide this. She had made it crotch level, and the suit formed around her pussy lips as the water soaked through. I couldn't help but stare. Men know what happens to our dicks in cold water (some have coined it shrinkage), but I was rock hard again. She finally dropped all the way down in the water and swam over to where I was.

We continued to talk as we swam circles around each other. Playful splashing led to some minor physical contact. We would grab each others wrists to try and stop each other from splashing. I brazenly grabbed her around the waist and tried to toss her. We struggled for a bit, all the while our bodies rubbed against each other. I could feel her breasts against my arms, and the curve of her ass against my crotch. After a moment she had to catch her breath. She faced me and wrapped her lags around my waist. I held her as she collected some air. She bobbed up and down in the natural drift of the water, her crotch becoming closer to mine. She started to talk about something, but I was concentrating on how hard I was. I wondered If I should just casually press it into her. I wondered if she would pull away. Before I could think anymore, she dipped her head back into the water forcing herself against me. My dick pressed fully between her legs. I felt her stop for a moment, but she seemed to disregard it. She pulled back up and looked me in the eye. I almost apologized, but she just went on talking. The current of the water gently swayed her hips up and down my hard-on. I could feel the warmness of her sex through her suit. I moved my hands to the small of her back. I bravely began to move them down the curve of her ass. She continued on talking as my hands rounded her hips to the top of her suit bottom. The more she went on, the more my hands sneaked their way across her firm ass. I was soon holding a cheek in each hand. I let go of her ass and she swam over to the ladder. She rose out of the water, with the suit now revealing more than it did before.

She sat in the chair and dabbed herself dry. I couldn't get out of the pool, as my hard-on was ragging. She ran the towel up and down her arms and legs. She laid back against the chair and let the sun take care of drying the rest of her body.

I finally was able to control myself enough to make it over to my chair. I positioned my chair in the up position, so I could have a better view of her body. We sat for awhile just shooting the breeze. She shifted around to different positions to get better sun coverage. At one point she spread her legs rather wide and pulled up the sides of her suit. The nubs under her bra started to pop again. She took some lotion and spread it up and down her inner thigh. She causally kept talking as her hands caressed the inside of her legs. I followed her hands as they dangerously dipped down near her crotch.

I could imagine that hairless pussy underneath the stretched fabric of her suit. If only that guy knew what I did. She lined the lotion up and down the sides of her suit. I swear her fingers were about to run right under the seams. Her knees spread further apart and she squirmed in her seat. She raced fingers down both sides of her suit and pulled it down out of the crack. For a couple seconds I could completely see the split of her pussy. My dick was doing backflips. She laid the fabric back down over her crotch and rolled over in the chair. She asked me to rub lotion on her back. I didn't hesitate. I squirted some lotion into my hands and started to run my hands across her back and shoulders.

She started to murmur, letting me know how good my hands felt. I had always given her good full body rub downs. It was one of my favorite things to do for her. My massages were light, gentle, and sensual. I knew that was one thing I had going for me sexually, as I was complimented by many girls before. I was giving her my best, and I knew she enjoyed it. My hands were running everywhere, down her arms, legs, and up her sides. She smiled the whole time. Finally she rolled over putting her hands behind her head. She wanted me to do her front. I stared at her breasts that were on perfect display. I rolled my hands on her stomach and rib cage. I could feel the intense stare of the man across the way, but I also noticed that the single girl was watching us as well. We had been putting on quite a show. I informed her that we had admirers. She raised her head up at the two and smiled. She sat up and asked if we could back upstairs. Despite the fact that I was as stiff as a board, I agreed to get up. We headed back to my room.

Once upstairs she asked for a drink of water and went into my bedroom. I assumed she was going to change again. I poured some water, and grabbed some ice cubes. I headed back into my bedroom expecting to find her dressed. Instead she was stretching out on my bed. She told me how uncomfortable those patio chairs were, and how good my rub down was. I thanked her for the compliment and sat next to her. After she took a drink, she asked if I would finish doing her front. She lie on her back and put her arms behind her head again. I placed my hands on her stomach and she jumped. My cold hands from the water glass had sent a chill across her chest. I apologized and let my hands warm against her skin. I continued to rub her down. I was caught in a sexual frenzy.

I wanted her again, but was in full respect of my boundaries. My hands explored every inch of her body except for the parts covered by bikini. I just couldn't get that bald pussy out of my head. I need to experience it. I wanted her so bad. I don't know if she could feel my sexual energy or not, but her smile had disappeared from her face. She was biting her lip. My hands reached her rib cage. I stared into her faced with intensity, watching every reaction. Her hands moved from behind her neck, and unclasped the front of her suit. The invitation was there, and my hands moved the bikini straps to the side. I run my hands across her supple chest, with her nipples stabbing into my palms. She shuttered with the touch, and she skipped a breath. My hands circled her breasts and gentled pulled on them with my hands. I tweaked her nipples as I bent down to kiss her belly.

As wonderful as her breasts felt, I needed to see that pussy again. I kissed down to the seam of her suit. My hands left her breasts and ran down her sides. I grabbed her bottoms and slid them down slowly. I kissed every inch of skin that was revealed as I pulled the panties off. It was heaven. I got up just for a moment to rid her legs of the rest of her suit. I slowly spread her legs and watched her pussy lips part. I bent back down and began to run my tongue up and down the smooth shaven surface of her skin. She had always kept herself well groomed before, but this was much better. I began to lick her pussy all over as she arched her back in pleasure. I sucked her clit in and out of my mouth. Her pussy was hotter than any time I can remember. I french kissed her sex as my hands ran up her chest. Her juices glistened off of her clean shaven skin. I opened wide to get my full mouth on her vagina. She was very much into it, and she trashed around on the bed every time my tongue entered her. I pulled a hand down and began run my finger up and down between her lips and slowly let it enter her throbbing hole. I sucked on her clit as I began to finger fuck her. I knew she liked this and she let out many yelps. Suddenly she screamed out a yes and her whole body shook. She had launched into an intense orgasm. I wiggled my finger inside of her as she shoved her pelvis straight up into my face.

She sat up and grabbed my shoulders throwing me onto my back. I could tell her pussy was still climaxing just by how jumpy she was. She then crawled up my chest, sat straight up and displayed her fine pussy to me. She wanted to know how much I liked it. I told her how I couldn't stop thinking about it all day. She began to explore it with her own fingers. She told me what a turn on it was to feel so bare and free. She started to finger fuck herself right on my chest. This bald pussy had put a surge on my sexual energy. She looked back and saw my arousal. She coyly gave me grin, and moved her hips back to rub herself all over my throbbing cock. The sensation of bare skin was incredible.

She raised up and sat back down onto my erection. She started to move her hips back and forth, letting me fully enter inside of her. She rode on top of me with her hands running up through her hair, giving me complete access to her bobbling breasts. She trust about on top of me with a broken pace of uncontrollable pleasure. She screamed out falling back onto her hands. I had a complete view of my cock piercing into her. I had never seen her pussy lips so clearly taking in my whole erection. It was as if her pussy was sucking me off. She bucked up and down letting out squeals of delight. I forced myself deep inside of her, letting my finger tickle her clit. She pumped her hips faster and faster until she screamed out at the top of her lungs. The walls of her pussy throbbed uncontrollably. The sensation made me lose control and I was quick to meet her climax. We froze in a state of ecstasy. She feel forward on top of me, nuzzling into my chest.

We laid there for the longest time, not saying a word to each other.

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