hi Debbie this is only for you ........................?  

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hi Debbie this is only for you ........................?

As I rang the doorbell my pulse rate quickened. I had been chatting with Debbie online for some time now, we had become good friends, traded pictures and some sexual banter on the instant messenger but this was our first meeting. I had been looking forward to this since I first saw her photograph, brunnette hair, full pouty lips, and the promise of a delicious body that had been fulfilled with a subsequent topless photograph showing a pair of luscious firm breasts and perfectly round erect nipples that were begging to be sucked and licked.

Now I was at her front door. I heard movement inside and the door opened, revealing a beautiful brunnette with a beautiful smile.

"Ryan?" she asked.

"Yes, hi Debbie, pleased to meet you!" I replied.

"Come in!" She closed the door and motioned me to sit on the couch, sitting beside me but not too close. I moved closer to Debbie and kissed her lips gently. She blushed, and lowered her eyes so I kissed her again. This time she responded, closing her eyes and parting her lips slightly. Encouraged, I kissed her more firmly, probing gently with the tip of my tongue. She sighed.

"What's wrong" I asked.

"Nothing's wrong, it's been a long time, I'm shy and nervous!" she replied.

"Don't be nervous babe, it will be alright" I assured her. I was determined not to scare this gorgeous creature and was going to take it as slowly as she wanted things to go.

"Keep kissing me, that will help" she laughed, leaning in towards me. I put my hand around her neck, stroking under her hair, as my lips touched hers again. This time she responded with a moan, tongue probing my mouth and I stroked my tongue against hers, alternating between sucking gently on her tongue and sucking her lower lip. While kissing I slowly pushed the overshirt she was wearing off her shoulders, to my delight she did not resist and pulled it off before winding her arms round my neck again.

"You are making me horny" she murmured between kisses. "See what you do to me!" She pulled slightly away from me and looked down; following her gaze I saw that her nipples were big and erect, clearly outlined through the thin top she was wearing. She glanced shyly up at me and smiled.

"May I kiss them?" I asked.

Wordlessly she pulled up her top and I stared in awe. Her breasts were perfectly shaped, beautifully tipped with round dusky nipples, hard as rocks from her arousal and the excitement of being freed from her top. I reached out a hand and stroked the smooth curve of one breast. She sighed, and shivered, closing her eyes. I bent my head and kissed one perfect nipple, the sharp intake of her breath told me of the electricity she felt.

"Shall we go to your room and get more comfortable?" I asked.

Debbie nodded, eyes wide. I stood and held out my hand. She took it and stood; I led her slowly to the bedroom, closing the door. As I turned to face her she put her arms round my neck and kissed me passionately, pushing her hips against my stiff cock still enclosed in my jeans. As we kissed I pulled her top up, breaking the kiss only to get it over her head. Her fingers were at my shirt buttons, soon my shirt joined her top on the floor and she was unbuckling and unbuttoning my jeans.

"I want to kiss this" she whispered in my ear. I nodded and she sat on the edge of the bed. Her fingers curled round the hard shaft and I gasped. Looking up at me she smiled, then put out her tongue and licked the head before taking it in her mouth. Her hand stroked gently up and down my cock as she sucked and licked at the head. The sight of this beautiful brunnette woman sucking my cock was incredibly arousing and I knew that I'd cum soon if she didn't stop.

"Debbie babe I'm going to cum very soon if you keep that up."

Her response was to grip my cock tighter, sucking harder on the shiny purple head. I felt the tingle in my cock and stroked her hair as I felt the hot cum start to rocket up my shaft and spurt into her mouth. She gave a little squeal as the first gush hit her throat and swallowed hard, pumping her hand and sucking to get all of my hot cum. My cock spurted and twitched and she swallowed it all, sucking and licking as she squeezed my cock to get every last drop.

As the spurts subsided she stood and kissed me, I tasted my cum on her tongue.

"I have not done that in such a long time!" she grinned.

"Now it's my turn" I replied, kissing her lips as I pushed her gently onto the bed. She lifted her hips to allow me to pull off her pants, leaving her tiny black g string. She stretched out on the bed, arms above her head, her beautiful brunnette hair tousled on her pillow. Her perfect nipples were standing straight up begging to be sucked. I lay down next to her and stroked the curves of her breasts with my fingertips. She shivered and I kissed her lips, trailing my lips down her throat and between her breasts. As my lips reached her right nipple she sighed, my tongue trailing a circle round it before my lips closed on the stiff nub, sucking gently while flicking the tip with my tongue.

"Oh God......" she moaned. I felt the already hard nipple stiffen more as I licked slowly round it, teasing her other beautiful nipple with my fingertips. Debbie arched her back and sighed, her hands stroking the back of my head and pulling me closer to her wonderful breasts that were rising and falling faster as her breathing grew more rapid. I sucked harder on the wet nipple, squeezing the other one in time. Licking across to her other nipple I sucked gently on it, my fingers caressing the wet hard tip I had just left.

"Ryan, you are driving me nuts!" she cried.

"Oh wait, you have only felt the beginning" I replied, then continued to suck and lick at her swollen nipple. I grinned inwardly as I felt her body squirm under me, her legs parting as her arousal grew. Giving her nipple a final suck I started to lick my way down her flat stomach, my tongue swirling in her navel before continuing downwards. When I reached her panties I licked along the top edge, glancing up at her face. Debbie's eyes were wide and she was propped up on her elbows watching me.

"Take them off" she whispered. "Lick my pussy."

I wonder where the shy Debbie went? She raised her hips and I slowly pulled her tiny panties down her thighs. She kicked them off and grinned at me, spreading her legs seductively. I lowered my lips to her soft skin again, kissing and licking ever closer to her pussy that I could sense was hot and wet. My tongue touched her clit and she gasped, then sighed as I kissed the top of her soft slit. Her legs were now spread wide, inviting me in. I licked her pussy lips open with the tip of my tongue, then curled my tongue slowly inside her. Debbie's pussy was soaking wet with lust and I tasted her sweet honey for the first time.

"Debbie honey, please get on top of me so that I can lick you properly" I said, rolling onto my back. My stiff cock was pointing skywards and she gave the head a long lazy lick before swinging her firm ass over my face and lowering her pussy to my lips. My tongue probed inside her as she lay down on top of me, and I felt her fingers round my cock again, stroking slowly. My fingers parted her lips and I licked slowly and teasingly up one side and down the other, before sucking her sweet pussy lips into my mouth, tongue probing and tasting as I sucked and swallowed.

I felt my cock going deeper into her throat as she sucked me in time with my licking. My tongue stroked her up and down from her stiff clit to her tight little ass, stroking it with a wet finger when my tongue was elsewhere. Her juices were running freely now, she was incredibly aroused and sucking my cock with abandon.

"I want to fuck you now" I whispered.

Debbie stopped sucking my cock and rolled off me. She turned around and kissed me, then grinned and licked her lips, tasting herself on me.

"Please angel, give me this hard cock" she replied, suddenly blushing as she realized what she'd said. She got on all fours and I rolled off the bed, stroking my hands across her firm ass before bending and licking her pouting pussy. She sighed again as I teased her pussy and ass with my tongue, before standing behind her and taking my cock in my hand and stroking it up and down against her wet lips. She moaned and I watched as her juices made my hard smooth cock head gleam with wetness. I gave a push and slipped into her. She gasped and then moaned as I pushed all the way in and stopped.

"God Ryan don't stop!" she cried.

I stroked slowly out of her again, almost pulling out completely, then pushed in again to full depth, starting a slow steady rhythm of long deep slow thrusts. Her breath was now coming in pants in time with my strokes as I gradually fucked her quicker, feeling her muscles squeezing my cock on every stroke. The sight of her pouting pussy lips grasping my cock as I stroked in and out of her was incredibly erotic, and the temptation to fuck her hard and fast was almost unbearable but I had to keep slow to avoid cumming straight away. I felt her pushing back against me as I pushed in, getting my cock as deep as possible.

"I'm going to cum angel...cum with me please!" she panted, glancing round at me with eyes stoned with lust. "Cum in me please!!"

I couldn't hold back any longer and started to slam my cock hard into her, feeling my balls slapping against her. I felt my balls tighten and her pussy contracted as we came together, my hot cum spurting deep inside her. Debbie screamed and I felt her pulsing orgasm squeezing my cock as spurt after spurt of my cock juice splattered into her red hot pussy.

Gradually our orgasms subsided and I slipped out of her, my cock wet and sticky with our mingled juices. She rolled onto her back and I bent to suck my cum from her, tasting the wonderful mixture of us. Debbie's eyes widened when she saw this, then with a wicked grin she said "Can I have some too?"

I sucked another hot mouthful and kissed it to her; she sucked it from me and swallowed, then pushed me onto my back and started to lick my softening cock. Like a cat preening itself she licked and sucked all our juices from my cock, then lay back with a satisfied look on her beautiful face. I think there is nothing sexier on a woman than that freshly fucked look on her face.

Debbie leaned over and kissed me long and tenderly. "I want more, you know that don't you?"

I smiled and replied "You can have as much as you want baby, you are fabulous!"

She grinned and reached down, stroking my cock...

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