elevator ......... short story as I've been busy ........... cheers  

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elevator ......... short story as I've been busy ........... cheers

Taking her arm, I asked if we should go. With her arm tightly wrapped around mine we walked towards the elevators. "What was that all about" she inquired, jokingly I said, "Well, when a beautiful woman walks into a room, they just come running"! "And what do you think?" at that moment my mouth became dry and my hands started the sweat. "I believe that you are more than just beautiful, you are a goddess, and words can not describe your beauty," I said. A seductive smile appeared on her face; with both hands she placed them on my face, pulled me to her and kissed me passionately.

Once the elevator doors opened, I escorted her inside. The elevator was made of glass, with a golden hand bar. Looking outside you could see three other elevators traveling up and down the outside of the building. She was sandwiched between the outer glass wall and me as the elevator filled making me press forward against her.

The closeness of her body against mine soon had me aroused. I could feel her pressing back as I pressed against her. Moving my hands up and down the sides of her body, I lightly caressed her. A slight moan escaped her lips as she pushed hard against me. Reaching around her, I traced her breasts with my fingertips. Leaning her head to one side, I kissed her neck then her mouth.

I don't know how many people came and went with each stop. All I know is that I was lost in her. I was totally oblivious to what was going on around us, as we explored our sexual desires.

As the elevator reached the 21st floor, the last of passengers exited. I turned to escort her off the elevator and suddenly she pulled me back into the compartment and pressed the top floor button. The doors closed before anyone could enter.

As the elevator started to move, we felt a sudden jerk and it abruptly stopped. I looked at her, she looked at me! I pulled her to me and we kissed passionately. As our kissing intensified to craving desires, I moved her to the back of the elevator, against the glass wall. Never breaking our kiss, I reached down and pulled the loose material of her dress across her, exposing her.

Dropping to my knees, I lifted her up onto the golden bar. She wore black stockings that encased her beautiful legs and a lace garter, but what was this, no thong and shaven! The excitement suddenly coursed thru my body like a lightning bolt. Leaning forward, I started to lick feverishly. I had longed to taste her for so long and now I was! Her juices were intoxicating, making me want more. As I licked and sucked, I wet a finger and gently inserted it, while moving my tongue up to her clit.

A moan escaped her lips as I found the hood of her clit and began to suck. Licking and sucking while rotating my finger in and out of her, made her wild with excitement. I could feel the walls of her pussy clamping down on my finger. Knowing she wouldn't last much longer, I pulled my finger out and dove my tongue deep inside her, sucking her liquid from her.

This was it; I could feel her pussy clamping down around my tongue as her orgasm approached. With her hands wrapped in my hair, she clutched her fists and yelled as the climax washed over her. Sucking and licking feverishly I devoured every morsel of her womanly juices, not letting a single droplet escape my mouth.

Standing I undid my pants and let them fall to the floor, holding my throbbing engorged cock, I placed it at the entrance of her wet hot pussy and pressed forward. A moan escaping her lips as I slowly slid deeper into her, with her arms wrapped around me. I looked deeply into her eyes. I could see the burning desires, the longing that we both shared for such a long time, but never revealed.

Kissing her passionately, she wrapped her legs around me, pulling me deeper. She equally met each thrust. Reaching down, I placed my hands on her ass and picked her up. Now holding her against the glass wall, I increased the thrusts. Each thrust was echoed by a moan from her. Her delicate pussy felt like a velvet glove, the exquisite feeling sent shivers up and down my body. I knew I wouldn't be able to last much longer.

Feeling my body reaching the point of no return, she said, "Let me finish you with my mouth." Pulling out of her was the hardest thing I have ever imagined, but the thought of her hot wet mouth surrounding my hard swollen cock excited me more.

Slipping to the floor in front of me and with my back against the glass window, she reached up and grabbed my cock with both hands. Slowly, she started to circle just the head, then down along the shaft until her tongue reached my heavy sac. One by one, she kissed licked and sucked each of my balls, making love to them with her mouth.

A moan escaped my lips as I leaned my head back against the wall from shear pleasure. Capturing my balls in her hand, she lifted them up slightly and with her delicate tongue, licked the sensitive spot underneath them. Looking down, my eyes making contact with hers, I could see the lust filled in her eyes.

Sensing my urgency to release was near and looking deeply into my eyes, she ran her tongue up my shaft opened her mouth and engulfed my cock. Another moan escaped my lips as she slid my cock deeper into her mouth until it hit the back of her throat. With her nose against my skin, I felt her swallow, her throat muscles massaging my cock. This was too much for me to take! With a final moan, I emptied everything I had in me, all my lust filled desires, cascaded down her throat.

Wave after wave of sexual bliss coursed through my body, as she sucked the last of my juices. Helping her to stand, we embraced kissing passionately. Holding each other, we started to laugh as the elevators outside drifted past us. With a sudden jerk, we felt the elevator start to move; quickly we scrambled to recompose ourselves.

The elevator door opened, energetic clapping filled the room. Looking into her eyes a wicked evil grin appeared, she grabbed my coat collar and pulled me back into the elevator. As the door closed, we kissed passionately and headed for the rooftop.

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