anyone for sex.........???  

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5/31/2006 5:02 am
anyone for sex.........???

Mmm,... Last Saturday morning was wonderful. Peacefully awakened by the sun streaming through my window, I yawned, stretched, got up and moved into the shower. Taking my time, I began a slow, soapy rub down, enjoying the lather building up on my chest and arms. Massaging my testicles with all that lather, I started daydreaming, continuing to rub my rigid cock.

Even though I was starting to respond to the touch, I thought back on today's chores. The first thing to be done was to cut the grass, then start in on a few odd jobs cropping up around the house. Yet my cock was refusing the planned agenda and continued to grow thicker. "Sorry buddy," I laughed, turning and rinsing off, "I need to keep moving." With that I stepped out and started toweling down.

It took me almost a minute to notice my neighbor, sunning herself. Tucked in a private space between her garage and house, she was enjoying the warm summer morning. Stretched on a chaise lounge, she was intently reading a magazine as the sunlight played across her topless body.

With only the wisp of a string thong on, she embodied the perfect reaction to a perfect day. Small and petite, her ample breasts were capped off with large, beautiful nipples. With one arm resting comfortably behind her head, she was reclining with a warm, carefree attitude. Becoming re-aroused immediately, my cock began reasserting himself against the rough fabric of my jeans.

Now, it's not too often that God delivers this scenario into your suburban life. Yet as I finished the tea, the grass and undone chores still beckoned. Although distracted, I was determined to start the job.

Still aroused, I stood up, and pushed the lawnmower outside. I watched her from the corner of my eye as I yanked the handle and kicked it into life. With a rackety roar, I had intruded onto her quiet stage and saw her catch my gaze. Lori's reaction was one that I didn't expect. Tilting her head up from the magazine, she glanced over, pausing to look, waved her arm, and returned to her reading. Smiling back, I gunned the motor and began to chase the lawnmower around the yard.

With each pass, I discovered I could look directly at her for a full stride up the lawn before turning around. It was during these times I could watch her closely.

With the sun in full force, I was working up a sweat. I could easily imagine myself molding my body to hers, taking those gorgeous tits in my mouth and then moving down to taste her delicious snatch.

Stopping the mower to remove the clippings, the neighborhood returned to silence. She looked up and saw me watching her. She put the magazine down, sat upright, and grabbed the oil from underneath the chaise.

Calmly, smoothly, she began to re-oil her body. Smiling up at me, she applied the lotion deliberately across her chest, cupping one breast at a time to massage in the oil, paying particular attention to each nipple. You couldn't miss those beautiful full tits. She played with both nipples, tweaking them between her finger and thumb.

She smiled again as she moved down to her stomach, reclining on the lounge as she applied the oil. Laying flat on her back she began to apply oil to her thighs and pelvis, spreading her legs wide, not missing an inch of skin. She then slipped her hand beneath the thong. Even at this distance, I could easily see her shaved pussy glistening in the sunlight, the lips full, red, and heavy. With her feet planted on either side of the chaise lounge, she was enjoying my reaction and slipped an oiled finger inside.

At this point, I pushed the lawn mower aside and walked across the road. I could see the knowing smile on her face.

"Hi neighbor" she purred. "I was wondering when you'd get the hint and help me oil my back." She purred again as she rolled over, but not before glancing at my erection with its head clearly outlined across my jeans.

With her top off and thong bottom askew, the close up view was gorgeous. I poured oil onto my hands. Leaning down from the front of the chaise lounge, she moved her hair aside. Starting at the base her neck, so I could see her cute ass, I massaged her back muscles, watching the muscles move just under her skin.

"Ohh" that's nice, she groaned as I continued to stretch lower and lower, working down her back. Kneading her skin I watched her squirm. "This sun makes a girl hot," she said. With that she moved her legs further apart so I could gain full access to her cute rear.

Squirting lotion over her legs and thighs, I stretched out my full length to attack her arse, and I could feel my thighs brushing her head. Being fully extended, I pushed her thong down passed her arse, just as my hard cock fell free from my cut-offs. "Oohh, that's nice," she mused, reaching up with her oiled hand. She wrapped her long nailed fingers around my shaft and immediately started stroking me.

"Aagggh," I exhaled. "That feels great." My poor cock had been through enough today and I could already feel some pre-cum escaping from the tip. Dipping my hand past her arse, I inserted two fingers into her cunt, feeling the heat and wetness.

In this awkward position we hungrily masturbated each other, pulling and stabbing. She pulled my cock towards her face and took it deep into her mouth. I could feel my knees buckle, as she noisily slurped at my cock.

"Oohhh," she moaned, through a mouthful of hot, lubricated cock.

The pressure of my cock in her throat was intense, and my legs were on fire. "Enough of the foreplay," I said. Standing slowly to ease my cock away from her mouth we both stood up and I shook off my shorts.

With both hands, I pulled at the strings on either side of her hips and watched the thong drop to the grass. She fell into my arms and immediately began rubbing her tits and pussy up against my body. With both of us now covered in oil, she slung one leg up and over my cock, trapping it deep between her oiled legs.

"I need you now, big man." " I need you to give my pussy a workout." She continued grinding against me as our lips locked, and tongues probed. My cock continued to slide up and down the outside of her vagina.

Easing her down onto the lawn, we continued the kiss, penetrating her as we sank.

"Oh god," she moaned, sitting squarely on my cock. I quickly turned her onto her back, as I pulled back to kneel. By me kneeling, and her on her back, I grabbed her ankles and both of us watched my cock appear and disappear into her tight pocket.

Our oiled bodies moved in the ancient dance of lust. Reaching up, she began caressing my tight stomach with those fingernails, transfixed on watching my stiff cock plunge into her. Rocking her hips, she welcomed the torment, as I continued sheathing and unsheathing my glistening sword deep into her.

Arching her back, I heard her throaty moan develop as she ground her pelvis against my cock, clawing at my hard stomach, and beginning to orgasm. Wave after wave wracked her body. Her chest heaved, her tits swayed as she tossed her head from side to side. "Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh," she repeated, the short gasps matching my thrusting.

Her stomach muscles contracted repeatedly against my shaft, as I continued pushing my slick, hard cock into her wet warmth. Building, building, building, the intensity was simply too much. Liquid heat was traveling up the back of my legs as the tightness in my stomach moved to my groin. My cock, being denied for so long, was now becoming a lightning rod. I could feel the energy focused deep within my testicles. It was my turn to moan as a thick river of sperm cascaded deep into her hot, wet, pussy. With nostrils flaring and jaw set, my eyes reopened in time to see that she had been watching me, bucking me, fucking me, and was now starting to come a second time.

As my package continued to be delivered, she danced again and again on my shaft, "Oh yes, oh yes," she repeated in short gasps, "I'm coming again. I'm coming again." To gain everything she could, she continued grinding her oiled, shaved pussy up against my pubic hair, accepting all of me deep within her.

I held her close as she trembled in the excitement. Spent and exhausted, I could hold on no longer. Kissing her lovingly, I fell beside her, enjoying the smell of freshly mowed grass.

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