Party sex ........... anyone interested ??  

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6/3/2006 5:55 pm
Party sex ........... anyone interested ??

Iled her to the dance floor as a new song surged from the speakers. Our eyes locked and wemoved together as one. Soon I pulled her tight against my crotch grinding against her own. She could feel just how hard I was and she moved up and down against me letting my cock slide across her thong- covered pussy. I took her in my arms and spun her about and held her from behind my hard cock now sliding up and down the valley of her ass while my hands fondled her breasts. Her breath grew ragged and she returned the smiles of other couples that were doing the same thing on the crowded floor.

“I need you now,” I whispered in her ear, my tongue kissing the back of her neck.

“Oh God, me too, I’m not sure I can wait to get you home.”

“Why wait? Come with me.”

I led her off the dance floor and took her down a hallway, opened a door and pulled her in, locking the door behind. I kissed her hard, my tongue finding its way between her lips while my hands undid her black dress. In moments she was topless her bare breasts exposed to my gaze and quickly covered by my mouth and tongue. She groaned loud and pulled down my pants taking my hard cock in her hand. She felt it jerk and throb and could feel a drop of pre-cum leaking from the head.

My hands pulled her thong down and off, we stood naked in the room kissing passionately while we explored eachother with our hands. She could feel me thrusting against her, my hard cock sliding up and down the slippery valley of her pussy, her legs spreading slightly letting the throbbing cock touch every inch of her bald pussy lips.

I turned and pushed her towards the window. I bent her slightly and she rested her hands on the windowsill and gazed out into a parking lot. The window was almost hidden from view. She could just make out another couple sitting outside. The woman had her legs up her knees almost back to her head spreading her pussy wide for the man. She watched as the hard cock drove in and out of the woman. Could see his balls slapping against her ass with each stroke. As she watched she could feel my hands playing with her, exploring her hot slick pussy.

“Fuck me, fuck me nowwwww!” She wailed. She could feel my cock throbbing at the entrance to her most secret depths and she thrust her ass back trying to slide my thick cock inside her. I took a step back, teasing her as my hands found her breasts, tweaking, and pinching her sensitive nipples. She cried out again rewarded this time, as my cock burst into her driven to the hilt on my first thrust. She stood on her tiptoes and wailed trying to escape the sudden penetration. I held her tight and began fucking her like my life depended on it, my cock driving in and out with fast hard strokes. She responded to the my animal like fucking driving her self back to meet my thrusts, impaling herself on the throbbing meat and squeezing it hard as I drew it out for each pussy splitting thrust.

Her arousal had been teased to a fever pitch and now nothing intruded on her senses except the feel of the hard cock pounding into her cunt, stroke after stroke till her body began to swell and tense. I broke down first, she could feel my movements become jerky and my thrusts harder then the first jet of cum erupted inside her. The sensation put her over the edge and her own orgasm erupted like a tidal wave of fire roaring through her body as I filled her with jet after jet of cum.

I whispered in her ear, “I think this party is almost over, but why don’t we go back to your place and start another one of our own.”

She could only nod her eyes staring hungrily at my hard body already imagining what my cock was going to feel like a second time.

Anyone interested please feel free to leave a message .............

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