On the couch  

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9/1/2005 3:30 am

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On the couch

One of my ex-girlfriend often came over to my appartment for kinky sex. She loved being tied up with rope. .

It seemed like ages since I had brought her in here. It was a small room with little furniture in it. In the center of the room sat a sofa; a heavy thing, overstuffed but solid. At the moment, it was the center of her universe. I had undressed her so carefully, unbuttoning her blouse and sliding it slowly down her arms, fingers trailing behind the thin silk against her bare skin. When I unbuttoned her pants they fell to the floor and she stepped out of them. My hands reached around her waist, sliding up her spine, making her shiver. And soon a lacy white bra was added to the pile of clothes on the floor. Her thin white panties were still on.

I had guided her to stand facing the back of the sofa and firmly pushed her forward over the back of it, holding her there with a strong hand on the small of her back. The rest had happened swiftly. I thrust a knee between her legs to spread them wide and tied her ankles to the back legs of the sofa with thick soft ropes. Then her wrists were pulled down and tied to the sofa's front legs. A blindfold completed her confinement. And now she waited, ass high and open beneath the stretched fabric of her panties. She could feel the blood rushing to her breasts as they hung over the seat cushions, nipples throbbing.

At last she felt my approach, felt the heat of my body as I moved quietly around her. And then finally, a touch, as the palms of my hands grazed the swollen tips of her breasts. The hands cupped and held them, then the fingers slid down to the sensitive nipples and pinched them lightly, pulling on them and manipulating them with an unhurried patience. Her pussy twitched and moistened in response.I felt her lips reach out with her tongue to explore, she encountered the swollen head of my cock and licked at the precum that was already forming at the little slit.

I eased my cock into her mouth and she eagerly sucked me off. My hands continued stroking, squeezing, pinching her nipples. I ran my hands over the soft skin of her breasts and up the length of her throat, tracing the line of her jaw, caressing her cheek, her hair. She leaned into my hand, turning her face to suck on my fingers. I moved away.

The next contact was the shock of a hand on her inner thigh, just above the knee. Her pussy clenched and I could feel how wet she was as her swollen lips moved against the thin fabric. My hand slid slowly up her thigh, followed by my hot tongue. My breath on her skin made her tremble and pant with anticipation but the hand and the tongue skipped over her aching pussy and continued down the other thigh. Soon both hands were traveling up her outer thighs to her hips and across her ass. And at long last, I ran a finger lightly ran down the center, a single stroke through her panties from ass to clit. She gasped and stiffened at the electricity of that touch. Then she waited once more, quivering.

Suddenly, I let my hand grasp at the edge of her panties at the hip. There was a brief touch of cold metal and the sound of snip as I cut those undies apart and slowly peeled away the thin fabric, letting the ruined garment slide down the other leg, exposing her completely. I felt her pull at the ropes binding her wrists and ankles, desperate to move, but they held fast.

I let one of my fingers traced the wetness of one of her labial lips from back to front and then to back again along the other side. Her pussy clenched so hard. My finger continued it's patient exploration of the folds and swellings of her sex. Then I let more of my fingers joined the first, spreading her lips, uncovering the pink bud of her clit and she groaned aloud as my tongue ran the length of her slit. Then there was no escaping the steady, relentless flicking of my tongue across her quivering clit. On and on it went as she strained at the ropes, shook, sweated, moaned and finally came, screaming again and again, unable to stop the overwhelming shocks racing through her body.

Then, before she could recover, before the wrenching convulsions of her climax could begin to subside, my cock was at her entrance, thrusting into her shuddering pussy. Her screams rose to a new level as I slid in and out in long steady strokes. The pressure of my hard cock sawing against her g-spot drove her beyond rational thought.

My hands were gripping her ass, spreading it wide to gain the deepest access to her soaking, clenching pussy. We both climaxed and shook uncontrollably as the hot fluid mingled and vaginal and seminal fliuds rained down our legs.

When I'd emptied myself completely inside her I lay my body gently over her sweaty back, brushed the wet hair aside and kissed her neck tenderly.I untied her bonds and gathered her in his arms. We slept cuddled together on the sofa until dawn.

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