Night alone with new panties  

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1/27/2006 6:18 pm

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Night alone with new panties

Debbie showered and put on the new panties she bought. Then she picked out a very short skirt that she knew ryan liked and added a white, semi sheer, blouse. She decided not to wear a bra and she liked the feel of her naked breasts against the fabric. Standing in front of the mirror she turned to admire her profile. As she turned around she had to admit that her figure was still pleasing, her breasts were firm and round and her legs were well toned and long. The more she gazed at her reflection the more self assured she became. She was going to treat Ryan to a sexual feast. She wanted to be the main course.

Debbie went into the living room and opened a bottle of red wine setting it and two glasses on the side table. She put on some soft mellow music, drew the curtains closed and dimmed the lights. Her timing was perfect. As ryan stepped through the door she threw her arms around him and kissed him long and hard.

“What gives?” asked Ryan somewhat bewildered.

Debbie stepped back and opened the top two buttons of her blouse. Her ample chest was barely covered and she let her fingers trace a path around her stiff nipples. “I went shopping today.”

“I know that you love to shop but I had no idea that shopping had this affect on you.”

“I went panty shopping. Debbie stepped closer to Ryan and felt his semi erect cock through his pants. “If you’re enjoying this just wait until later.”

Debbie quickly turned and went back to the living room. As she walked away she turned her head and said “I want you showered and naked in five minutes”. Ryan dropped his brief case and ran into the bedroom stripping off his clothes as he went. He quickly stepped into the shower not caring that the water was ice cold. He toweled off and was back in the living room in record time. Debbie was sitting on the sofa sipping wine, “Come stand in front of me so I can see your lovely cock”, she commanded.

Ryan had never seen Debbie be this aggressive and demanding. Despite his confusion, he was really turned on by Debbie’s take charge manner. His cock was now fully erect and pointed straight at Debbie’s face. She had him stand beside the sofa and she took his cock in her right hand as she sipped wine from the glass held in her left. She smiled and began to stroke Ryan’s cock. Her skirt had risen well above her thighs and ryan could easily see the new panties she was wearing. The sheer fabric acted as a window through which he could see her sweet juicy pussy. She pulled her skirt up to her waist and slipped her hand inside her now very wet panties.

“That’s enough baby, don’t cum yet we’ve only just begun our little party and there’s so much more I want to do.”

She stood up and they immediately went into a long and passionate embrace. Debbie reached down and grabbed Ryan’s cock using it as a lead to pull him into the bedroom. Ryan followed willingly and on arrival he reached around Debbie to cup her breasts in his hands. He pulled her toward him and she could feel his hard cock pressing into her backside. With his arms around her he leaned forward and kissed the nape of her neck. She secretly wanted to be tied up and have Ryan tease her relentlessly. When she was alone and ryan was on the road, she would sometimes fantasize about being submissive to Ryan.

Debbie stepped back until her legs touched the edge of the bed. Holding onto Ryan she fell backwards with ryan on top of her. She wrapped her arms around him and whispered in his ear ‘Take me, make me cum’. Ryan starred down and saw the look of pure lust in her eyes. He took her arms and pulled them toward the head of the bed. Debbie was helpless and she loved it. She began to moan loudly and struggled to free herself. Ryan tightened his grip and kissed her hard on the mouth. He moved between her thighs forcing them open with his knees. Debbie was putting up quite a fight and ryan soon realized that he couldn’t do anything as long as his hands were occupied holding onto Debbie’s arms.

Ryan stood up pulling Debbie with him and dragged her over to the closet. He quickly grabbed a handful if his ties and moved back to the bed. He threw Debbie onto the bed and straddled her chest. His cock was pointing at her face and he stuck it in her mouth as he secured her hands with one of his ties.

Debbie was in a sexual trance and she loved the feeling of being forced to submit to ryan’s desire. Ryan realized that Debbie was still dressed and he began to unbutton her blouse to gain access to her tits. With her arms still tied above her head he could not completely remove it. But he didn’t mind, he had what he wanted and he placed his mouth over one of her hard and puffy nipples. Debbie let out a low and deep moan as ryan sucked and bit on her breast. Her pussy ached and she desperately wanted him attack her clit. Opening her legs she whispered to ryan, “Fuck me please, I need your cock inside me.”

Ryan liked the control he had over her and he wanted to hear more. “Tell me what you want me to do. Tell me about your pussy and what it craves.”

“Oh ryan please. I need to feel your cock in my pussy. It’s so hot and wet that I can’t stand it. Please fuck me Ryan. Fuck me now.”

Ryan moved down the bed until he was between her legs. He reached down and ran a finger along the crotch of her new panties. They were soaked in her juices and he wanted to taste her wetness. Ryan began to kiss the inside of her thighs moving slowly toward her panty covered pussy. The smell was strong and musky and ryan savored the aroma emanating from her inflamed cunt. He ran his tongue along the edge of her panties and his nose brushed against Debbie’s pussy. He then covered her crotch with his mouth and probed her pussy through the thin panty. Debbie could hardly stand it. She wanted to cum so badly that she bucked against ryan’s mouth to force his tongue between the lips of her cunt. Ryan pulled the panty crotch aside and teased her clit with the tip of his tongue. Debbie was moaning loudly and almost in tears she wanted to cum so badly. Ryan wanted to continue to taste her pussy but he also wanted to fuck her. He moved up her body until the head of his cock met the lips of her sex. He reached down and moved his cock back and forth between her pussy lips. Debbie was now crying because she was so lost in her need to cum. Ryan began to fuck her slowly but debbie had had enough foreplay. She wanted to be fucked hard and fast. Ryan increased his rhythm and was soon pounding her pussy with everything he had. Debbie screamed and came with such force that she arched her back lifting them both off the bed. Her orgasm seemed to last for ever but finally she fell silent and clung to ryan for comfort and security.

They couldn’t move but ryan forced himself to release debbie from her bindings. They then curled up and looked into each other’s eyes. Without saying a word they both knew that they had turned a page in their sexual relationship and they were very happy.

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