Meeting for the first time  

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Meeting for the first time

I moved my hands down her neck to her waiting breasts. The shirt she picked out is spread over them tightly, and she had caught me looking at them several times that night. I stroked her nipples that were straining against the soft fabric. She let out a soft gasp and closed her eyes. Debbie had dreamed about my hands on her body for so long, she began to wonder if this was real or another vivid creation of her mind. My hot breath on her neck proved this was all too real and she took my hand and led me to her bed.

Sitting on the edge of the bed I pulled her between my knees and looked up at her. My hands move to the hem of her shirt and run up under it, my hands resting on the warm skin just above her hips. As she looked down at me ‒ she realized I had my eyes closed. "Are you ok?" she asked in a hushed voice, worried I had changed my mind. I opened my eyes and looked up at her. "You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this. I want to savor every touch, every curve of your body, every inch of your skin."

I slowly slid her pants down over her thighs, letting my fingers dance over the skin. A shiver rolled across her body. She pushed her hips close to my face and I kissed her belly. Debbie ran her fingers through my hair, and let out a soft sigh. I stood up and slowly moved my hands up her body and pushed her shirt up and over her head. "Do you like what you see?" she asked tentatively, and I growled against her neck in approval. My response gave her a bit more confidence and she pushed me back on the bed. "Then maybe you will like this too...."

Walking over to the radio she pushed the button and sexy music flowed from the speakers. Slowly swinging her hips to the music, putting on a little show for me, my smile grew bigger and bigger, as well as another part of my anatomy. Pleased that I was enjoying her performance only added to her seductiveness. She paraded around the bed and teased me with idea of her taking off her clothes. My manhood was straining against my jean ‒ begging to be freed. Reaching around to her back, and undoing the hooks on her bra made me sit up right on the mattress. Letting the straps fall, painfully slow made me lean forward on my hands and knees. Debbie wondered how long she could hold off from letting it fall to the floor, and what would I do when she did. Turning her back to me she let the lace bra fall to the floor and she looked back over her shoulder.

I was kneeling on the edge of the bed, eyes trained on her back. She rolled her shoulder towards me giving me a profile view of her ample breasts. I can't believe I am doing this she thought to herself, as she hooked her thumbs in the band of the matching lace g-string panties. Sliding them off one hip, she glanced back over her shoulder to the captivated audience on the bed. I was already half way across the room and she turned on her heels and let the panties fall to the floor. I stopped dead in my tracts. For a moment, as she stood before me completely exposed, her heart skipped a beat. Why did I stop? Her hands began to tremble. She didn't know if she should say something or walk away. We both stood for what seemed like an eternity, a tear welled up in her eye rolled down her cheek. "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen" I said. And when I scooped her up in my arms, she had already forgotten about the tear.

I positioned her softly on the pillows. "I want to kiss every inch of your body Debbie." I said, covering her with soft, powdered sugar kisses. I whispered how perfect each part of her body was before I kissed it. "The soft curve of your neck, the rise of your breasts, the beautiful pink nipples." On and on I lavished her body and her mind until she didn't think she could take it anymore. "I want to feel your naked body against mine" she said, and reached for my belt. I positioned myself on my side facing her as she worked on my belt and then the button of my jeans. She pulled my jeans down and couldn't take her eyes off me as I was exposed bit by bit.

I pulled her hand to my lips and kissed her palm softly. My hard cock was standing at attention. Debbie laid her body on top of mine. We fit together perfectly. She could feel is hardness against her thigh and my warm skin touching every inch of her own. We kissed deeply. We explored the uncharted territory of our bodies. I was licking her nipples, sucking each on into my mouth. A small moan escaped her and he smiled.

I couldn't take anymore, and I leaned forward and took hold of her shoulders, moving her onto her back. I run my tongue over each breast, making Debbie's nipples tight with desire. Down her belly, and softly over the freshly shaven very wet slit. I let the tip of my tongue graze her swollen labia. Chills run over Debbie's body. She grips the bed sheets in an attempt to get control of her mind which is spiraling out of control. Just when she thinks she can think again, I push my tongue deep into the warm, wet folds of her pussy.

"Ohhhhh" she gasps, as she loses control of reality and turns her self over to the pleasure of the moment.

Noticing the white knuckled hold she has on the sheets, I reach up takes her hands in mine. She grips them so tightly that I stop for a moment.

"Are you ok?" I ask her. Looking down at me was all the response I needed. Her face was flush but she was smiling with pure passion, and her eyes were dancing wildly.

I dip my tongue back into her pussy and slides up to the hood of her clit, pushing it back to expose the hard little nub. Debbie lets out a long low moan and encourages me even more. I plunges my tongue deep into her waiting hole over and over, gaining momentum with each thrust. I can tell she is nearing orgasm when she take handfuls of my hair in her hands.

"OH GOD YES BABY!" she cries over and over. She bucks her hips and pushes my face deep into her pussy when she finally is pushed over the edge into climax. My face is awash in her juices and I lap up as much as I can, savoring the taste I've waited so long to enjoy.

I crawl up her body like a jungle cat on the hunt and takes hold of her wrists and pulls them over her head. She hears that animal growl deep in my throat. She can't help but think of Tarzan and Jane. My animal like behavior drives her insane, and she can't wait to become my prey.

I lay my body on top of hers. Dwarfed by my broad shoulders and big hands holding her arms, her face buried in my chest, she closes her eyes, again letting the passion of the moment take control of her senses.

Hovering over her, teasing her with the head of my rigid cock. Debbie was completely at my mercy. She tried to raise her hips to urge me inside of her, but with my full weight on top of her, and my hands holding her arms ‒ she was totally pinned against the bed. Excitement and fear mingled together in her head. She felt she knew this man better then she knew herself, but there was still that fear in the back of her head that she had never met this man until tonight.

"Please...." she whispered, pleading with me not to torture her any longer.

"Your sure your ready?" I asked her

"Yes" The word barely escaped her lips.

"AAAAHHHHHhhhh" she cried out. There was no time for her pussy to stretch to accommodate as my rigid cock started to slide itself in.

"You like that?" I groaned into her ear. "Yea" was all she could manage to say as I lay into her pussy once again. Pushing her hips up as much as she could, she rose up to meet my thrusts. Faster and faster I pumped into her sweet pussy. Debbie struggled to move as another wave of climax washes over her, but I had her well under control and I just continued to fuck her like an animal.

Sweat from our crazed exertion had puddled in the soft curve of her bellybutton. Debbie locked her ankles around my bare ass and pulled me deeper into her. Debbie could not control herself and her cries of passion. The raspy sounds were increasing and her 3rd climax hit her as I thrust into her one last time and filled her convulsing pussy full of cum.

I collapsed on top of her, exhausted from the fever of our pace. Debbie's head was spinning as she came down from her orgasm. "Was that worth the wait?" she asked mr and I rolled over next to her and pulled her to me. Her head was cradled in the crook of my arm, and she nestled against me, totally satisfied and blissfully worn out.

As she drifted off to sleep, she heard me whisper to her, "I would have waited a life time to be with you, and now we have a life time to play together."

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