Just dreaming ............  

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Just dreaming ............

She was sitting at the bar when I walked in. I noticed her particularly because of the row of empty glasses before her.

I walked over, sat down on a barstool next to her and glanced across. Damn but this girl was a looker. The body was sheathed in black silk from her designer dress to the sheer stockings.

The dress was tight as a second skin, her small breasts and perky nipples creating magical little mounds in the thin material. If she was wearing panties they didn't show where the dress smoothed over the curve of her slim behind.

I raised my eyes to her face and drank in the beautiful profile, the long brunette hair and the cute rosebud mouth. A neat pair of spectacles framed eyes that a man would die for. She was exquisite, but what was she doing in a dive like this?

She turned her head towards me and smiled. My heart went bang and my cock sprang to life immediately. That smile was one of the sexiest things I'd ever seen.

"Follow me," she said getting up and walking towards the door.

I went after her, the twitch of that ass as she walked across the room was bewitching. At the door she looked over her shoulder and winked.

"Enjoying the view huh," she breathed and laughed softly. That laugh sent shivers of pleasure down my spine.

Once outside the building she went around the back. She stopped and stood with her back to the wall, her legs slightly parted, her pelvis jutting towards me.

"Right here.. right now..I want it...bad," she was moaning softly, her hips making small erotic gyrations, her hands stroking her perfect little breasts.

I dropped to my knees, my hands sliding her dress up over those delicious thighs brushing the tops of her silk stockings. I had been right about the panties. Inches from my face were the delicate folds of her labia framed by the straps of a black satin suspender belt. I buried my face in her shaved pussy ..breathing in the intoxicating scent of her womanhood. My tongue snaked out, feeling its way between her pussy lips, tasting her sweetness. My hands cupped her ass, pulling her hard onto my questing tongue and I heard her gasp as I found her clitoris.

She was wet ...very wet... and tasted like heaven. I explored her thoroughly, my tongue snaking into every nook and cranny, my fingers playing her like a fine musical instrument.

She was moaning constantly now..gasping occasionally when I hit a particular hotspot... her juices filling my mouth and running down her inner thighs.

Suddenly she grasped my hair and hauled me upright. Her eyes were slightly wild and her breast was heaving as she pulled my lips to hers, our tongues intertwined, a soft groan escaped her as she tasted herself on my mouth.

"Fuck me ..fuck me now...fuck me hard.." she gasped clawing at my belt.

My trousers fell open and my cock sprang forward, hard as an iron bar. Her legs locked around my hips as I cupped her ass and lifted her onto my aching prick.

Her pussy was tight, like a velvet vice, it gripped my manhood, squeezing it and milking it. I drove into her hard and fast pounding her against the wall.. she was making little animal noises of pleasure and lust..gasping, moaning, softly into my ear.

I reached up and grasped the front of her dress, tearing it apart I dropped my head to feast on her magnificent little breasts with their engorged nipples. I sensed she was close to climax. She came with a long groan rising to a wail.. her pussy spasming around my cock.. her nails digging into the back of my neck as she pulled my face to her breast.

"Oooooh God," she gasped as she subsided from a shattering orgasm. Her hair was whipping wildly as she flung it from side to side with each thrust. My pulls on her hips with each stride drove her into me. Her depths were filled as I pumped her with my cock again and again.

Her hands rested on the wall before her, pushing herself back into me with each stride. She looked back at me smiling with eyes on fire. My dick felt her sopping wetness all over it. The sounds of sloshing came each time our bodies mashed.

As I humped her faster and faster, deeper and deeper. Till my cocks head was swollen and ready to explode.

I pumped faster and deeper. Till I exploded inside her. My warm cum must have soothed her cause she let out a sigh as I splat a load in her and then another.

She then leaned up sitting on me as I oozed the last blast into her wet, tightening pussy. She settled on me and pulled her hair back. Sat there a moment and wiggled and let out a giggle.

"And now I think you should take me home," she said "we still have lots and lots of things to try!!"

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