Hi there everyone  

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Hi there everyone

I saw her. Quite tall, long flowing curly hair, wearing a spaghetti top, and what I would call a long peasant skirt. She had a way of moving, a liquid sensuality almost pouring from her, with a slow lazy walk, which made it look like she was floating along.

I was watching her, as she stopped to look in the windows, and I soon realised, when she was a little closer, that she was looking at me also. Or, to be more precise, at my reflection in the shop windows. She was directly opposite me, when I got a closer look, nice tits she had, swinging freely as well I noticed. When she glanced at me through the window, I caught her eye, and smiled. Noting a fractional acknowledgement on her face. She moved along a little further, with a more pronounced swing in her hips now, and a subtle smile upon her face. Stopping to look in each shop, almost as if she was checking that I was still there, which of course I was. She had my full attention, as the delicious swelling in my pants verified.

When she approached the Coffee Shop, she stopped at the doorway, and looked directly back at me. She smiled once, licking her lips, and then disappeared, inside the shop. In a heartbeat I was off my bench and entering the shop behind her, just in time to hear her order a coffee and a bagel.

"Make that two coffees, and two bagels."

I told the waitress, receiving a smile from the the lady I was following, as she turned, and walked to find a table. I paid for the coffees, and waited for them, feeling the lady's eyes surveying my butt. At least it was nice and tight; I looked after myself, and knew that she would find nothing to complain about there. I joined her at the small table that she had chosen, placing her drink and bagel in front of her. We ate, and drank in silence, watching each other. I could not believe how erotic this felt, watching as she licked the bagel, before biting into it, and when I felt her foot on my leg, I almost choked. She just looked me in the eye, as her foot moved higher, sliding up my thigh, eventually rubbing my now hard cock with her foot.

That was when she spoke for the first time,

"Where are the restrooms here? Do you know?"

The sign that I could see pointed to some stairs, behind the chair that she was sitting on, and I then pointed it out to her. She stood up, smiling at me, before walking languidly to the stairs, where she stopped, and turned around to look at me, licking her lips again, and squeezing her breast a little. The message was clear, and I quickly joined her climbing the staircase behind her, and admiring her cute ass as we ascended. At the top of the stairs was a corridor, and at the end of that, two doors, one on each side. She leaned against the wall, first looking at the Men's room door, and then the Women's room, before finally looking at me questioningly. She was asking me which room; I smiled, and opened the door to the Women's room.

Entering the room, she moved straight to the washstand, leaning back against it, and raising her long skirt, she tucked the skirt into her waistband. Licking her lips, she used her free hand to point to her landing strip, and the sweet pink pussy beneath it. The fact that she wore no panties did not surprise me; I guess that I had half expected it even. I moved through the doorway, closing the door, and sliding across the bolt to lock it. Turning back to face her, I opened my pants, and flopped out the hard cock for her. One of her hands went to my head, pushing it downwards, I got the picture, "if you want to fuck me, you eat me first." No problem there, I got down on my knees, between the hotties legs, grinning up at her.

She sat back on the washstand; raising one of her legs over my shoulder, as I started to kiss her pussy, then lick it. Sliding my tongue up and down her slit, she was fucking soaked. I slid a finger in her pussy, hearing her groan as she gripped it with her muscle. I finger fucked her slowly, sucking and nibbling her clit at the same time. Looking up at her, seeing her tits out, as she pulled and twisted on her nipples. I slid a second finger in, fucking her a little harder now, I could feel her trembling, and her moans were getting seriously loud.

Then she took hold of my hair, pulling my head upwards, having no choice, I got up slowly. She pushed my head against her tits, squashing one against me. Using my hand I squeezed on the tit, and then sucked at it, taking the nipple between my lips, and then in my teeth. My free hand was back between her legs, finger fucking her dripping pussy again. Once more my hair was grabbed, her trying to lift me, I didn't argue, rising to my full height. Her hand slipped around the back of my head, pulling it to hers, and kissing me hard. Her tongue was now ramming deep into my mouth. My fingers had slipped out of her cunt, so I pushed them into her mouth, letting her taste her, as indeed I had just tasted her.

Her hand came down to my cock, grabbing at it, pulling it towards her cunt, this woman was fucking rampant now, and needed a fuck, a hard fast fuck. I was not about to disappoint her. Sliding my cock into her, as her arms came around my neck, pulling me closer. There was no finesse here, it wasn't needed, and I just started fucking her. Pounding my cock into her grasping pussy. She came almost immediately, her cunt squeezing hard as she started to spasm, groaning out loud. It did not matter to me; I just kept on fucking her, ramming my cock as deep, and as hard as I could.

She wrapped her legs around me, and started to suck on my neck, then she bit me, and even though it hurt like hell, I didn't give a fuck. I was too far-gone by now, crying out to her.

"Oh fuck lady, I am gonna cum in you, and fill your hot wet cunt, God Yes."

Her legs left me, and she quickly pushed me away, falling to her knees, and grabbing my throbbing dick in her hand. She wrapped her mouth around the head, licking and sucking, as her hand pumped away furiously, I was in blowjob heaven. It was truly awesome. My legs tightened, every muscle on my body tensing at once, and then I exploded. Shooting my load into her throat, feeling her gag a little at first. Then she swallowed, taking everything that I could give her. I was panting so hard, almost shaking, as this hot sexy bitch cleaned me up. Licking my cock delicately, she sucked every drop of my come from me, as she squeezed my balls with her other hand.

She stood slowly, popping her tits back into her top, before taking a couple of tissues to wipe her sex. After re-adjusting her skirt, she came to me, kissed my cheek, and whispered quietly.

"Go to the Men's room, wait two minutes, and then you can come back downstairs."

Pulling up my pants, and fastening them, I followed her out of the room, and entered the Men's room, as she went off down the corridor. I was in there longer than 2 minutes, swilling my face with cold water, and drying it before I left.

When I re-entered the café, she was nowhere to be seen, and our table had been cleared. I asked the girl where the lady I was with was.

"Oh her, Sir, she left as soon as she came back downstairs, said it was OK to clear away. Is everything OK Sir?"

"Yes, yes, it is fine, thank you."

I too left then, but she was nowhere to be seen, in fact, I never saw her again, not once.

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