Having fun with a nurse on the Job oversea's  

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8/9/2006 9:37 pm
Having fun with a nurse on the Job oversea's

Jen the night nurse incharge turned and headed for the medicine room.

Locked from the outside it required a code to open the door. She punched in the numbers and disappeared. I swung around in my chair and headed for the door. My dick was throbbing needed release. I put in the code for the door and opened it. A blast of cold air hit my face. This room is climate controlled for all the medications. The room wasn't big, but there was a small corner that lead to where we kept the big copier. It was too large for the nurses station so it ended up here. I turned the short corner and was greeted by Jen sitting atop the counter next to the copier.

"You seem to have a bit of a problem." Jen pointed at my bulging pants.

"Yes I think I am having a reaction to something." I walked toward her and placed my hands at her waist.

"Well, why don't we get some medicine and rub it. It might let out the problem." Jen then reached down and popped the head of my cock out.

She rubbed the tip as our lips met again. Rubbing her thighs I worked my hands into her crotch. She moaned in response. Her nipples were hard as rocks as we tongue kissed passionately. I released her embrace then yanked her bottoms off. Her sweet smell filled the air. I plunged down to her pussy and lapped away. She arched her back in response. With my hands under her I lifted her waist. She ground her pussy into my face.

"Come on...eat it...eat my pussy...I love it."

I pushed her into an orgasm. She screamed in pleasure. I realized now why she wanted to use the medicine room. It was sound proof. With that now known I pulled her down from the counter and bent her over the copier.

"Please fuck my pussy!"

I slowly penetrated her from behind. My thrusts went deep into her sopping hole. She pushed back forcing my balls against her cunt lips. She reached under and massaged my nuts as I plowed her velvety box. Matching each trust she rammed me harder and deeper. I reached up under her shirt and tweaked her nipples. She put her back against my chest and kissed me sideways as I fucked her harder and harder. I rammed up in her and could feel her pussy juice sliding down my shaft. She grabbed the back of my head and told me to cum inside her. She bucked harder and ground her hips sideways. I went over the edge and my nuts exploded.

"Ah, yes baby take all my cum, oh yea!" I growled.

"Yes, that's it fill me up, oh yea give me your seed!"

I crammed my cock one final time up inside her. She slowed her gyrations and moaned in ecstasy.

"Mmmmm, That was so good." Jen cooed into my ear.

I rubbed her swollen clit one final time, and then removed my dick. Her pussy dripped down her legs and onto the floor. Jen then turned and kissed me. Her hand reached down between her legs and rubbed the juice around slowly. She brought her fingers to her mouth, and licked her shiny cum covered fingers.

"I love the way you taste."

"I love the way you feel."

"If you're nice, before the end of our shift I will give you a new feeling."

What could she possibly mean, I thought. Jen then kissed me one more time then put back on her bottoms. She handed me her purple lace panties and then walked away. Her ass uncovered in her scrub bottoms looked smooth as silk. Jen looked back over her shoulder and winked. The door closed behind her and I leaned on the copier. Hopefully I am up for whatever she has in store for me for the rest of the night.

Got to love working as an on-call doctor on nightshift

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