Having fun >>>>>>>>.??  

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6/8/2006 12:55 am
Having fun >>>>>>>>.??

You stop at the door. You push the door shut. Glancing over your shoulder at me, you untie your bathrobe in exaggerated motions. Slowly, teasingly, you push your robe off and let it fall to the floor. Under you wear a simple blue nightgown. The hue of the gown is almost identical to the shade of the blue rose on the bed. This nightgown reveals only a little bit more than the robe. It has a shiny and smooth look that tells me it is silk. You turn. Standing sideways, I realize how tight that gown actually is. It reveals the curves of your breast, the firmness of your stomach, the curves of your hips. Your legs are now almost completely bare and no longer require imagination. You lift your index finger and indicate that you want me to join you. I walk to you, trying not to show my anticipation and eagerness. Judging by your smile, it didn't work. As I get near, you turn and open your arms. I step into your embrace. My arms enfold around you, my lips press into yours. My hands run along your back. I can feel your bra and panties through the nightgown The sensual ecstasy of the silk rubbing against your body and mine causing my desire to reach an all new high.

You step in toward me, forcing me to step back. You continue doing so until my legs hit the bed. You slide your hands down to my waist. You push off my underwear. Totally naked, I stand before you. Your hands run up the front of my legs, just barely touching my dick. Teasingly they continue up my stomach, stopping on my chest. You push me back. I fall back on the bed. You straddle me in a kneeling position. I can feel the silk of your panties against my dick, sending shivers down my spine. You lean over and pin my arms. You lightly kiss my lips before you sit up again. Reaching down, you lift up your gown. As you pull it over your head, I sit up and start to kiss your neck. As the gown falls to the floor, my hands slide up your back. Reaching your bra strap, my fingers search for the clasp. After a few seconds, I realize that the clasp must be in the front. I place my hands on your shoulders and start sliding them down. As I feel the curve of your breasts, my hands follow the inside of the camber. Finally, I find the clasp.

As I undo your bra, you lean back. This makes your newly revealed breasts look more tempting. Also, the motion causes your hips to grind into my dick, sending a chill down my spine. As I push the bra off your shoulders, I kiss between your breasts. I slowly work my way over to one breast with a trail of kisses. When my lips finally touch your hard nipple, I take as much of that breast into my mouth as possible. Sucking gently, my tongue plays with the hard nipple. After a few moments, I start to kiss towards the other breast. When I feel the curvature of the other breast, I start running my tongue around the breast in large circles. Each circle slightly smaller than the last. Finally, my tongue is running along your nipple. Gently I take only the hard nipple into my mouth. I bite on it, testing your reaction. Then I kiss up your chest, up your neck, across your face to your lips.

I lean back on the bed, pulling you with me. Soon our naked bodies are pressed into each other, naked except your erotic silk panties. I slide my hands down your back. When I feel your panties, I slide my hands inside them and push them as far down as I can. Then I hold you close. With a slight twist of my body; you roll off, pulling me with you. Now our positions are reversed. I get off you, and stand up. Placing my hands on your hips, I slide them down. When I reach your panties, I continue to take them off. Then I toss them behind me.

I lean over and kiss the instep of your foot. Slowly, I kiss my way up. Past the ankle. Midway up your calf, I kiss my way over to the inside of your leg. Past the knee. I taste the saline from your body. Mid-thigh. I can taste the moisture and feel the heat radiating from you. Top of the thigh. I run my tongue over where you are the hottest and the wettest. A groan of pleasure emerges from you. I continue to run my tongue up. Over your belly button. Up your stomach. In between your breasts. Stopping at your neck.

I can feel the heat from between your legs on my hard dick. I rub my dick around in that area, hoping I'm teasing you as much as you tease me. Finally, I position it so all I have to do is push it in, but I don't yet. I kiss your lips. Gently I slowly push it in. The anticipation, the teasing, the waiting, the wanting, the needing, all put into this first slow stroke. The sheer thrill causes me to stop kissing you as our moans fill the air. I start to pull out, the ecstasy is so great. Slowly I continue. Each stroke adds on the growing sensations. Never have I had sex like this. Now the true meaning of making love becomes clear to me. Your arms wrap around me, pulling me closer. Your legs wrap around me also. The tighter you hold me, the faster and harder the stokes. Each stroke you hold me closer. Each stroke is faster. Each stroke is harder. Each stoke brings us closer. Our bodies covered in sweat. Our breaths short, quick, more like cries of ecstasy. The passion grows greater. I know it must soon end. Each stoke its closer. Faster. Harder. Closer. Faster. Harder. Closer. Finally, we cum in unison.

The ending was so exhausting, I feel myself collapse on top of you. It takes me a few minutes to catch my breath. I start to kiss your lips as I pull off you. My soft, spent dick slips out of you. I lay down beside you. You turn sideways and place your head on my chest. That was the best sex of my life, but calling it that wouldn't be right. Sex does not describe the emotions and love of the experience. There is only one way I can think of to try to tell you how I feel.

I whisper 'I love you'. My heart skips a beat when I hear your voice echo my words.

I know that I have found all that I have ever looked for. I know who I want. I know I need you to love me. I know I need you to accept my love. I know this night is not over, for as your hand rubs my chest; my dick starts to harden again.

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