Getting back on the horse so to speak  

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5/5/2006 3:51 pm
Getting back on the horse so to speak

I met her at my favorite bar on a Thursday night. She was there with her (platonic) roommate who was an acquaintance of mine. She wore her naturally light brown hair. She was definitely the artsy type, and that suited me fine.

Chemistry is a strange thing, and as we talked and drank, I knew that one day very soon, we would sleep together.

She assertively called me the next day, and we agreed to meet at another bar near my apartment. I began picking up around the house a bit as I knew I would be having company later. Sometimes, you just know.

That night, we talked and drank some more until last call. I played along and agreed to walk her to her car. She nuzzled her face up to mine and asked, "Can I see where you live?" She smelled sweet, and her eyes had that unmistakable look of need. We had talked about my place earlier and how uninteresting it was, so I knew that her curiosity was feigned, but I was horny, so I played along.

"Sure," I said. "Why don't you follow me to my place?"

When we arrived, I gave her the grand tour, and then we settled on my couch and watched television. The movie Two Moon Junction was on, and she said, "God, this movie gets me hot."

I said, "You seem like a really sexual person."

She smiled and blushed a bit: "I know, I love everything about sex." There was my green light. I leaned over to kiss her. God, I love the taste of a new woman's kiss and how I can feel her warm breath quickening, deepening. Her pierced tongue darted quickly in and out of my mouth. I held her face as we kissed and slowly made my way down to her firm breast and nipples.

At this,she put her hand on my crotch and began to squeeze my cock through my jeans. I asked, "Would you like to go upstairs to my bed?"

"Yeah," she giggled back.

We got to my room and she sat on my bed. I knelt down on the floor and began to kiss her again, slowly lifting her shirt to get a look at those breast in the lamplight. She had on a black bra that was tight and constricting, and as she began to unbutton my shirt, I unhooked it and released what it held captive. Her tits were amazing, milky white with a ring in each nipple. I knelt again and sucked on them, biting her nipples and flicking her rings with my tongue. "Oh God, yes," she whispered as she took a deep, shuddering breath.

By this time she was unzipping my jeans, and trying to pull out my cock to stroke it. It was so stiff by this time, it was hard to maneuver, but she managed. She pulled me to her and pulled off my jeans and boxers. She then asked me to get on the bed. I lay on my back and watched as she crouched over me and began to slowly kiss around my waist and pelvis.

I pulled her up, and turned her around. "I want you to ride my face," I said. She pulled off her panties to reveal a shaved pussy and slowly and carefully eased herself down onto my mouth. I put my entire mouth over her clit and began to suck. "Ah, fuck yes" she hissed. Her juices mixed with my drool to create a sweet mess, and I kept up my lapping at her honey-pot.

She lifted her head up and whimpered, " I want you inside me." I rolled her over onto her back and said that I had to get a condom. "I hate those things," she said, disappointed at the breaking of the mood. I told her that I hated them, too. "Just cum inside me and it's cool," she reassured me.

I got on top of her, and she reached down to guide my cock into her. She was a bit tight at first, but when I was able to slowly ease the length of my cock into her pussy, it felt sublime. "Oh my," she blurted as I submerged myself balls deep inside her. "Oh yeah, I like it deep." I kissed her hard and felt her deep exhalations through her nostrils.

I lifted myself up and reached back to put my hands under her knees, lifting her legs and gently placing them on my shoulders. "Oh God, that's deep," she cried out. I increased the speed and force of my thrusts, staring at her pierced, bouncing tits, knowing that she was about to release all over me. She saw me staring and asked, "Do you like my tits?" Yeah baby, do they turn you on?"

I love it when girls talk shit, so I said, "Fuck yes, talk nasty to me."

"Fuck my pussy," she replied. "Fuck it. You like to watch my tits shake? Keep fucking me. Fuck yes, don't stop. Don't fucking stop." Her cries became louder and louder, and her voice wavered.

"I want you to come all over my cock," I groaned. I want to feel your juices all over my cock. I want to feel...." At this, she took a deep, halting breath and let it all out in a scream followed by a deep growl of pleasure

" I want you to come!" she said in a half whimper, half command. "Fuck me until you come."

"Massage my balls, baby," I grunted. She responded by reaching down and placing her hand at the base of my swollen sack.

"Does that feel good? Oh my, your balls are soooo tight. You're gonna come," she said teasingly.

I began to shudder uncontrollably, and on cue. I collapsed she ended up staying that night, and honestly, after that well it was great.

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