Elevator Music Please ...............  

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Elevator Music Please ...............

I was utterly bedazzled by that first glimpse of her long legs, her trim waist, her wonderfully formed breasts, her teasing smile and her sensuous lips. I thought of her during every waking moment.

This time the jeans were gone, replaced with a smart, tight, black business dress and high heels. I was faintly aware of her scent as she entered, a fragrant, sweet smell, the distinctive smell of a woman.

I craned my neck to get a better glimpse of her and drank in the delicious profile of her breasts straining against the crisp white cotton of her shirt.

She stood there, a black bra encasing those lovely tits, her hand lightly caressing one breast, a single finger drawing itself along and around the shape of her mound.

I felt my cock harden, saw that smile again, and watched as her moist red lips formed a silent greeting. She stepped toward me, her tits crushing against my chest, one leg snaking its way up my side.

Involuntarily, I moaned, simultaneously aware of her delicious scent and of her touch, so feminine, delicate, but also wanton. Her leg was rubbing against mine, her hands were on my face, soft, insistent, demanding.

Our lips met at last. Our tongues played with each other. She lightly bit on my tongue and I moaned again, my arms now clasped around her body, my hands roaming down her back, searching for her ass.

I pulled her to me, my erection now hard and throbbing. She thrust her pelvis into me and we ground against each other, our breaths shortening, our gasps growing louder.

The taste, oh the taste! I drank in the nectar of this woman, licking my tongue along her lips, darting into her mouth, running along her teeth, wrestling with her tongue.

Her lips replied in kind, pressing themselves to mine, frantically seeking to explore every inch of my mouth. One of us would withdraw momentarily, running our tongue along the lips of the other before darting back to the mouth.

Our hands were roaming urgently now, mine pulling at her shirt, hers rubbing my crotch and tugging at my zipper. “Fuck me,” she commanded into my ear. “Fuck me here, fuck me hard.”

At this brazen command, her hands reached my cock, tugging my briefs aside, reaching in, wrapping around the length of my shaft, embracing the throbbing hardness.

I found the zip on her skirt, lowered it and reached into her pants. I ran my hands around from her ass, along the sides of her hips and to the front of her taut young body.

A vague awareness of the silky feel of her g-string thong joined with the delight of pulling at the string bands that clung to her waist. The smooth, firm contours of her body melted into my hands as I reached her pussy.

I firmly ran a finger along the top of her pussy, seeking out her clit and savouring the sensation of her freshly shaven pussy. By now she had pulled my pants down and was manipulating my cock with one hand whilst the other fondled and squeezed my balls.

Cupping my hand across her pubic area, my middle finger found her hole. I hesitated but a second, then realised she was utterly wet. My finger slid into her pussy and she screamed out, “oh fuck!” She was warm and wet and I easily slipped a second finger in, then a third, and began to finger fuck her pussy.

She stopped pleasuring my cock and leaned back against the wall, her head high, her beautiful jaw-line atop that lovely neck, her hair crushed against the wall, a few strands straying down her forehead and over her nose.

My other hand, I tugged at her black, lacy bra, exposing one tit. Her nipple was hard and I lowered my mouth to suck it, pulling it firmly, but gently and rolling my tongue around it before letting it go and then sucking on her breast and kneading the soft, firm flesh.

My fingers were still in her cunt, rhythmically fucking her hole. Every few strokes I had to push a little harder as she shifted and her cunt tightened like a tiny vice around my wet fingers.

She whimpered into my face, “make me cum ‒ please ‒ make me cum, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” I quickened the pace in her cunt, my thumb stroking her clit.

I don’t know how long we were like that, she backed up against the wall, one gorgeously firm and pert breast exposed like a ripe fruit, her white shirt hanging torn at both sides, her skirt half off, and me with one hand in her pussy, the other alternately stroking up and down her ass or squeezing her magnificent cheeks as my hard cock rubbed against the silky thong now resting below her pussy.

Her breathing became shorter, sharper, more urgent, she began to gulp her breaths and moan as her orgasm built. Then she suddenly froze and her pussy shook around my hand as she came. Little yelps of “oh” and “fuck” and “yes, yes, yes” tumbled over each other as her whole body was seized by the orgasm.

I looked in wonderment at her face. It was tense, then utterly relaxed. She smiled, then grimaced as the waves of pleasure spread through her body.

You whisper in my ear "And I loved every minute of it" as you grab my rigid hard cockhead and insert it deep into your wet pussy. You ride up and down on my stiff cock. Your mouth plasters itself to mine as my hands grab your ass and help guide you up and down on my long wet shaft. My balls tingle as I feel my orgasm getting close again, and I begin to gyrate my hips up and down in time with your thrusts.

You sit up straight, squatting over my cock and pushing yourself up and down harder and faster, so I grab one of your nipples and squeeze it hard as my other hand reaches out to take your clit between thumb and forefinger. You scream in pleasure and your entire body shakes as you come yet again, and your pussy is squeezes my cock so hard I can't hold back anymore. With a loud grunt, my cock spews its cum deep inside you and you jerk yourself up and down on me to milk out ever last drop. You collapse on my chest, and I wrap my arms around you and kiss you tenderly as we snuggle and enjoy our post-coital warmth.

The end .................

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