Desperately seeking sex...............  

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5/27/2006 7:11 pm

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Desperately seeking sex...............

I don't know how we found each other but we did. You look beautiful. Your long hair cascading over your shoulders and brushing lightly against your wonderful breasts. Your breathing caused them to rise slightly. I cant help but step back and take you all in. My eyes follow the lines of your body, the curves of your hips, the muscle tone of your legs your painted toenails. I could stare at you all night, your beauty entrances me, but it isn't fair to leave you there waiting.

I walk to you, kissing you softly on the lips. I turn you around slowly and gently getting a great look at your perfect back leading to your rear end jutting out just the right amount. I kiss your neck and shoulders while caressing your lower back. Moving lower my kisses trail down your spine, now caressing your rear end. I feel your body shudder and I become even more turned on.

I begin to kiss first your left then your right cheek, rubbing your legs the whole time. Moving down I kiss the outside and back of your thighs and then your calves.

I slowly turn you and gently lower you to the bed. I kiss my way slowly up your inner thighs, but as I get to your bald pussy I just lightly graze my lips across your those juicy outer lips. I work my way up and kiss your entire body. I kiss my way to your cleavage straight to your neck. Lavishing kisses on your neck then your face. I then kiss you tenderly while lightly caressing each breast. I love the sigh that escapes you between kisses.

I move my mouth to your breasts. Kissing and sucking lightly in a spiral to your nipple. I take it in my mouth licking, kissing and sucking. I feel your breathing increase. I move to your other breast repeating the same spiral pattern. You taste amazing.

I move back and forth between your two breasts and then press them together and suck both nipples in my mouth at the same time. I could make love to your breasts all night, but I must taste you further.

I trail kisses down to your inner thighs slowly parting them. I lightly trail my tongue from your clitoris down to your opening. I taste the first drops of moisture, you taste so good and I can't help but put my tongue inside you to taste all I can.

With my upper lip I caress you clitoris causing you to push against me. I remove my tongue and slowly pull your clitoris into my mouth. I feel you grind against my chin. I want to make you happy, but every time I sense you are about to have your first orgasm I pull away from your clitoris. Plunging my tongue back into you. Lapping up every drop of moisture, then moving back to your clitoris, going back and forth till you beg me to let you release the pressure that has built up.

I suck your clitoris while flicking it with my tongue. I feel you start to orgasm, so I put my tongue back in you while massaging your clitoris with my lips, feeling you orgasm on my tongue has me so turned on. When I am sure I have tasted all of your orgasm.

I slowly move on top of you and while kissing you deeply I slowly enter you. I feel you wrap around me, you feel so good I have to be careful not to explode right now. I slowly pull almost all the way out and then slowly re-enter you.

I feel another orgasm building up in you, you tighten up around me, your breathing quickens so I speed up the pace. I feel you orgasm on me it is a magnificent feeling. I increase the pace but I am not ready to end this yet so as soon as your orgasm has subsided, I roll you over on you knees kissing your neck. You lower yourself onto your arms and I enter you from behind doggiestyle ...Once again a slow pace to build you up to another orgasm.

As soon as your orgasm starts, I lower you be flat on your stomach. As your orgasm continues I pick up the pace until I can take it no longer and I orgasm. It is the best I have ever had.

I lower myself on top of you and kiss your back and neck while caressing your arms and hands. You roll over and we cuddle spoon style until we both fall asleep, until I wake up ready for more, You wake up with my tongue on your clitoris...

I really need some sex badly...............

JaniSux 44F

5/28/2006 7:03 pm

OMG! Fantastic story!

My fav part
"I lower myself on top of you and kiss your back and neck while caressing your arms and hands. You roll over and we cuddle spoon style until we both fall asleep, until I wake up ready for more.."

I really enjoyed this story a lot!

btw.. fyi..I mentioned you in my blog [post 365988]

rm_happyguy0005 41M
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1/5/2007 9:37 pm

Hi Jani
Thanks for the positive response, will try to keep producing good stories........ any suggestions send me an email
cheers ryan

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