Catch up ???????????  

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Catch up ???????????

She removed her panties, smoothed down her skirt and got out of her car.

It was the first time she had seen him and she had been thinking of little else all day. Whatever happened between them tonight, even if they didn't hit it off, she had to have a shag with someone.

She looked around the busy restaurant and there I was. I kissed her lightly on the cheek as we met, we sat and I ordered wine and some food. As the meal progressed, we relaxed more and more with each other. She toyed with her hair, I held eye contact with her almost too long, as we swapped stories about our families. As we sipped coffee, my hand brushed against hers across the table and she didn't move it away.

"Well," I replied as if I didn't quite believe my luck, "I have my place to myself tonight. If you…"

"OK", she replied before I could finish. "I'll follow you."

Our cars parked outside, we kissed as soon as the front door of my house closed behind us.

She pressed her pussy hard against my groin, desperate to feel the warm, hard cock pushing back against her. She wasn't disappointed. Her hand moved to touch it and rub it through m trousers.

I broke free from the embrace and led her through to the lounge, taking my jacket and shoes off before beckoning for her to sit beside me on the sofa. She stood above me and slowly peeled off her jacket, skirt and bra and stood there naked apart from her high heel shoes. She remembered how I loved to fuck her while she kept her shoes on.

She knelt in front of me and undid the zip of my trousers. Pulling my trousers and pants down. She then lay back on the floor and spread her legs wide in front of me, showing her shaved and glistening pussy. Her fingers played around it as she stared at me, allowing her own sensual being take control. With one hand stroking her tits and the other pushing two, then three, fingers into her pussy, she was about to make herself come with a surge as strong as anything she'd felt before. Her legs trembled, her knees want week and she felt her tummy tighten. Then it hit her, wave after wave of shuddering orgasm, her eyes screwing up with the sheer pleasure.

Watching this, I grew hard again. Fumbling in the jacket I'd thrown to one side I found the condom I'd taken with me more in hope than expectation. Sliding it on my erect cock I stood, shook off the rest of my clothes and fell to my knees between her legs.

We maintained continuous eye contact as my cock slid into her gaping, wet hole. Oh yes! This is what she wanted. Not necessarily all the time, but now and then.

Now I was buried deep inside her and she tightened her pussy walls around my engorged cock. As I pushed in and out, in and out. Just feeling that huge, hard, cock deep inside her was worth it in itself.

Then she knew I was close to cumming, as I fucked her she was also rubbing her clitoris towards climax and then, as she felt me pumping and throbbing inside her she let herself go too and we orgasmed together.

I rolled off her onto my back and was still catching my breath as she stood and got dressed.

"Thanks," she said. "I needed that. Call me sometime and maybe we'll do it again."

She blew him a kiss and walked to her car, the air finding its way under her skirt to cool her hot, wet pussy.

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