Backroom fun.............. for anyone  

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1/27/2006 6:38 pm

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Backroom fun.............. for anyone

"Come back here," she said. "I've got something to show you."

I flipped the lock on the front door and put the "Back in a Minute" sign up. My heart was racing as I headed toward the back room. 'Something to show me?' I thought.

She wasn't in the hallway when I opened the door to the back room. There was a light coming from under the bathroom door, so I went forward, pulling the door closed behind me..

"What have you got to show me?" I asked with a smile on my face.

Light spilled out as the door opened and she stepped into the hallway.

"This," she said with a smiled and opened her blue shirt, showing me what was, or barely was, underneath.

My breath caught in my throat and the blood rushed to my lower region. She was wearing a white corset complete with white stockings and garters. Her panties were a white thong that left very little to the imagination. Little bows decorated the tops of the garters and her gorgeous breasts overflowed the underwired cups.

Shaking my head, I reached out and pulled her close. my lips found hers and I kissed her deeply. She returned my kiss and with her hands, reached up to touch my shoulders and the back of my head. Her lips were soft and her breath hot as I pressed my lips to hers. She broke the kiss and stepped backwards, out of my grip.

Smiling at me, she stepped back into the bathroom and spun around. I followed, with a stupid grin on my face and amazement in my eyes. Reaching down, I pulled her close and into another kiss. My hands roamed down her body, feeling the silkiness of the corset and the smoothness of her skin underneath. She could feel my hardness pressed up against her belly as she held onto me.

"What if someone comes in," she asked with a sly look on her face.

"Don't worry," I grinned back. "The doors locked and the sign's up."

"So... what's on your mind?" she asked, turning her back to me and dropping her shirt to the floor.

Dropping to my knees, I placed my lips on the top curve of her butt cheeks and started kissing my way up. The feel of her skin beneath my lips and tongue was heavenly. When I reached the top of her corset, I started to undo the little snaps holding it closed. She made tiny little jumps each time another snap came open. Her lovely freckled skin slowly came into view. The curve of her back was beautiful to my eyes. Finally, the last snap was opened. I traced my tongue up her spine and onto her neck. She started to shiver, and not from the cold.

As my tongue traced little circles on her neck, my hands were lowering the shoulder straps down. She groaned as my hands found her breasts and pulled on her nipples. I stepped back and lowered the corset, pulling it slowly from her body.

Before I could react, she reached down and unclipped the garters from her stockings. "Fuck this slow shit!" she snapped. "Come here, lover boy!"

She pushed me roughly against the wall, and grabbed the top pants button. With a tug, the button came loose and she jerked my zipper down. Grabbing the top of my jeans, she pulled straight down, causing them to come off. My long, hard cock sprang out like a snake striking.

Reaching down, I grabbed her thong and jerked it off of her, shredding the material. She gasped and lunged against me.

I placed my hands on her ass and easily picked her up. She threw her arms up and placed her hands around the back of her neck. I lifted her sopping pussy to my aching cock and slammed up inside of her.

She threw her head back and moaned loudly, "Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh!" Jerking forward, she then locked her ankles behind the small of my back.

Using her thighs and my arms, we started a rocking motion. The squishing sounds of my pistoning cock driving in and out of her tight cunt filled the room. I was growling and she was moaning loudly. In, out, in, out, up, down, up, down. A hard as steel shaft wrapped in a vise tight slippery velvet sheath. Her juices covered our thighs each time my balls slapped into the crack of her ass.

"Uuuuugggghhhhh..." she moaned. "I'm cumming.....OOOOOOHHHHHH GGOOODD!"

Her body tensed up and her pussy spasmed over my cock. Her tightening set me off and I jerked backwards, pulling her crotch tightly onto mine. I could feel my burning jism start up and explode forth into her tight, hot snatch. "Uggggghhhhhh....!" I groaned.

She trembled with another orgasm and I shook as she drained me completely. We stayed locked together for a few more minutes, each afraid to move and lose the feeling from our passion.

Finally, she looked into my eyes and said, "I just wanted to show you my outfit and see what happened?"

Looking into her sparkling eyes, I started to laugh. After a second, so did she.

Oh what fun a backroom can be...............

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