What a concert!  

rm_hairpieguy37 79M
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7/29/2006 10:52 pm

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3/2/2007 6:44 pm

What a concert!

Well i got tickets, but not to the concert in Boulder CO. I spent over 1 1/2 hrs trying to find out if any tickets were available. Then I said BS, the Dude is going to be in Steamboat Springs CO tonight. So I go over there (75miles) get tickets. In the mean time Darrel came by for an iced tea, and I asked him if He & his Lovely Wife, would like to go see the concert. He said 'sure' so i got 4 tickets. Called Louise back asked if she would come up here(200miles) for the gig. As I would have had to go 200 miles if the concert was in Boulder CO. You gotta understand we are 'that kinda friends' ain't much I wouldn't do for her and she's like that with me. Anyway, she came up, we had dinner in Steamboat Springs, then Darrel & Maryanne got there,and we went to the gig. We had more fun!!! I was crackin up over these folks sitting in front of us. They could NOT sit still!!! This Lady was going nuts over this music. Jesse plays, "New Flaminco" guitare, has a Nigerian precussionist, a Canadian violinist, and an American acoustic guitarist. The percussionist was "The Man". He isn't as good as Mario Malo(Brazilian), but did a good job. Being a people watcher, and a music fan(all kinds) I was really into this thing. So when it was over, we left Louises car in Steamboat, came home and this am I took her back over to pickup her car. We had breakfast and she left for the long drive home. Honey Girl (my dog) and I hit a couple 'Yard Sales' on the way back here. Saw "My Last Wife"lol coming home from her new BFs in Vernal on the way too my place. That is always a shocker for me. Six years and I still have a slight "twinge" when these acidents happen. Came in here, and had a nice surprise. Lady witha tude is back with us. I really like her blogs. She gets right too the point, don't 'sugarcoat' anything. Sooo refreshing to read a totaly honest woman. Sometimes it hurts cuz she tells us about us men and our downfalls. But Damn she makes her points soooo well. Spent about 1/2hour trying to figure out how to post a picture from my photos. If any of you know how,& would tell me the secret I would be ever so obliged to you.Ok outta here the skeeters are eating my body up!

Cozy_Red 50F

7/30/2006 8:18 am

Theres nothing like a good concert!

~Flashes Willie Nelson everytime

rm_hairpieguy37 79M
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7/31/2006 10:03 am

Hi Red. I woulda asked You, but didn't have time to come get You. lol You know my plane is in for maintainance, roflmao.

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