Tuesday is cool  

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8/1/2006 7:49 am

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Tuesday is cool

Yesterday it was rainy. Sooo I stayed in and played on this pc. Got on line about 0730hrs. Well I was checking some of my fav bloggers, and my groups and Hell You All know what I mean. I guess about 1900hrs, I got off to feed the Honey Girl, & 10seconds later the phone rings. 15 seconds later I am getting my ass chewed!! The(OSL ) old squeeze Louise, had been trying to call me all day! Now, NOBODY calls me cuz I'm a curmudegeon. I have had 13days straight that the phone didn't ring. Not even 'telemarketers' call me!!!I don't mind at all, but now I'm addicted too "THE BLOGS", and I'm getting my ass chewed!! OMG ROFLMAO!!!! Maybe this ain't such a bad deal after all!!lmao Sooo Ya'll are wondering what this has to do with "Lookin Out My Window"?? I don't know. But interesting shit in the park today&yesterday. A couple weeks ago a bunch moved into the Park and setup in the NW corner. They were there for 10days. Now I know this guy from Craig CO. Anyway they stayed only on the weekends and at nite here, and he went to work every day. They are back again, same camp spot, ATVs, trailer, and all,(interesting).Yesterday a couple pulled in and setup a neat camper trailer. Its one of those hard top, steep sloped roofs. I wanted one when they first came out a couple years ago, but they were way rediculouse in price. Anyway this old dude about 55-60 is now walking around the blacktop in his 'Lands End' yuppie clothes, well maybe they are Cabela's. You know, 'realtree' camo shirt, zippoff legs shorts with cargo pockets, a swiss army knife. OK "Judge not for soo shall ye be judged". Ain't seen the Lady yet, except for her hand out the door to hand him something. But they do have a nice black Lab with them. Then a few mins ago, 3 pickups pulled up to the water spicket. Out jumps 2 women(1looked like Debby big tits, akaDBT),& 1 guy, they proceded to fill 5, 5gal water cans, while in the trucks sat 8 young men(??) The women & 1 guy did all the work! Then they drove all the way around the park and out the west side, up the side and out MCRd 19, by my house!! Soo what am I thinking? "Jeeze Gookin boy, get a life!!" Today I have to pull the big trailer out of the weeds and get them freakin lites hooked up. I told OSL(Old Squeeze Louise) I would go down to her reteat, & pull her old trailer off. I figure I'll just use a couple "come alongs" pull it onto my big trailer, tow it here. Then dismantle it, & recycle all the stuff. Copper tubing(H2o & propane lines) Aluminum off the sides, redeck the frame, & sell it as a home made utility trailer. Not very exciting stuff is it?? Darrel was over for iced tea yesterday. Maryann sent me some cookies, & some cheese cake as a ty for the concert. She is such a cool Lady, & Darrel is I guess my best friend. Well I just don't make friends easily. Well the grass is drying up so I can go lay in it while wireing the lites on the trailer. Sooo I better get my ass out there and do it.

2daycowboywanted 45F

8/1/2006 8:52 am

All that really comes to mind - best of luck!

Until later

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8/3/2006 9:44 am

2Daycowboy: thank You for visiting/reading my Blog, and your comments. Read your profile, what an interesting Lady You must be. I may be too old to meet Your requierments, But I SURE woud LIKE TO TRY!! lmao. take care. HPG

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