About 700 miles later.  

rm_hairpieguy37 79M
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8/30/2006 8:52 pm

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3/2/2007 6:13 pm

About 700 miles later.

Geeeze exxon, richfield, connoc, they all goin too love me!! Layed around till momday am, then took off, headed too Denver. Got over there, saw the DOW ripoff people, got my money back(long story). Went to safeway got my 10 rolls of film! They didn't develope 2 rolls. The rest came too $60, but thats cuz I wanted picture cds of all of them. Now heres the good stuff. Some of those films were taken in 2002-03-04-05-06!! I thought they were kinda old but didn't think they were that old. Theres like 130+ pictures. Alot are sunsets: I got this thing about a beautiful sunset, & I usually have a 35mm SLR camera with me in the truck. Those reds, salmon, pinks, purples, fusia, clouds just "turnith my krank"!! Oh there were a lot of critters in there too, deer, elk, a few antelope. Of course Honey Girl, & Cisco. Plus my daughter when she was an OTR trucker, with her "Mentor Lady"driver. Oh yeah back to this week. So I get all the stuff in Denver done, then head down to pickup my big trlr from OSL's retreat. Hooked up the trlr, loaded the wood she wanted removed, and headed home. Went thru Salida, Buena Vista, Leadville, over Tennasee Pass, thru old Camp Hale(10th mtn Div trng WWII ) and onto the freeway(I-70). got too mm 105, and pulled off an exit, took a nap from 0100 too 0300, then got back on freeway, and hauled ass for home. Got home about 0430. Left the trlr on, went to bed. OSL called like 4 times while I was gone, then in the am again, woke me about 0730. PM never house delivers the mail, but my Bud, knew I was expecting the check from the auction, & it came in. Soo like a good friend he is, he brought it over. So off to Craig too the bank to deposit it. Was sitting in my chair reading, "Davinci Code" some more,fell asleep. Woke about 0230, went too bed. DV called asking if I had a "Burn Permit", I do so he wanted to know if I would destroy some files for him. these are old records that he just didn't want to thro in the trash. So I went into town got 8 bags of shit, brought them home to burn after i get back from Labor Day in Buffalo. Then saw that I only have 1 more day to dump my trash for free. So I hooked up the trash trlr, and off too the dump. On the way home I saw this nice motor home & stopped to check it out. Now I am a compulsive vehcile buyer. On the way home I stopped at the bank to see if they knew how much it was worth, and would they load me the money. Thats being investigated as I write. Well then of course I fantasized all the way home, about buying it, selling off some dirt, so I would have 0 payments, and just me and the Honey Girl, traveling the US in this 24ft motor home. Sooo If I dissapear, you'll know i got the damned thing!roflmao!! I used to love the winters, with the snow, and the cold. It was a challenge that I looked forward too. Shoveling snow, plowing the road, XC skiing, riding snow machine,& ATV, calling coyotes, hunting rabbits. But damn the cold been getting too me last couple years. I think about my daughter in Mesa AZ. & how its sooo nice & warm there. Yeah I know I sound like a fucking "snowbird"!! But i also thought about, I have a free liftime pass to all the Nat Parks & Nat Mons. Soo how about going south see them all down there, then in the summer go to the northern ones. hell no bills except food, gas, camp fees, veh license/insurence, all vehicles paid off. Just taxes on this mobilehome I live in. Ok I got me convinced. Any of you nice juicy Ladies wanta go along for the ride(hee heee heee dirty ol mans laugh)??? As Judy Cannutti says,"It could Happen!" So now I'm in the market for a good used motor home(in case the local one don't work out). I guess i could look at a new one, but they are all made of plastic, and really OVERPRICED! there are a lot of people that are getting rid of motor homes cuz of the price of gas. Sooo I might as well take advantage of that. ok back too 700 miles later. When i checked the milage for that trip,(not the local stuff) I had gone 742 miles in less than 24hours,used a little more then 48 gals of gas, at an average price of $3.17 pg. that averages out to about 15mpg, pulling a trlr, over the mountains. not bad. Time to stop for tonight. Had a busy day.

Cozy_Red 50F

8/31/2006 5:55 pm

Sounds like a very busy day, Im considering a travel home myself, to live in. It would make it easy to travel back and forth to see relatives and son... but ouch the price of gas. BUT I wont have any house payment. Will take some planning for sure.

rm_hairpieguy37 replies on 8/31/2006 11:35 pm:
Cozy, you ol sweety. part of what started me thinking of a motor home was the price of gas. Its scaring a lot of folks into selling now before it gets worse. They had them as toys for just summer going to the beach/mountains. The want adds used to have a few like maybe 30 adds, now last sundays paper had over 100. If you didn't live so far away, I'd offer to go in partners with you. Yes I cook too, give great back rubs, multitalented. Hows the winters in OC? And are you guys in Tornado Alley? Cozy i gotta tell You, I really like your blog. It is very refreshing. Keep up the neat stuff,& when you want to interview a dirty old man, ask me, ask me, ask me! Ohh Ohh Ask me. luv ya Bill

bcinbillings2 74F
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9/18/2006 12:28 am

Interesting My friend, very enlightening. Lot to be said for this passion of "blog-ging" that you have. Need to keep it up, but will call soon, just to see how honey is doing. and of course Louise, giggle. You take care and keep awriting their man-child. Hugs

sunshinekzn 57F

9/18/2006 10:09 am

Hi, Thanks for the visit to my place in blogville and all the nice comments. I love meeting new people, living far away and finding out what they think and feel. Very interesting reading your blog. Take care. Sam

rm_hairpieguy37 replies on 9/20/2006 2:15 am:
Sunshine: Thanks for visiting me here. Sooo Hows everything in Africa. I guess thats like asking me "hows everything in the whole USA? lol Any way, its nice to meet you and hear about your friends. Bill

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