16days?? No Shit!!  

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8/26/2006 8:40 pm

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16days?? No Shit!!

Wow I ain't been in here to my blog for 16 days. from the 10th too today,the 26th. Thats a long time, but lots a stuff happened. Spent a couple days with the docs. Lotsa tests, bloodwork, all that stuff they do. Had a bit of angina, but it ain't the first time sooo I ain't too worried about it. Yesterday was "Lassie Day", in Honor of my dog 'Lassie'. Most of you know about "Honey Girl" cuz I talk about her,(& too her) But "The Lass", died 13 years ago, on 25Aug 1993, she was 13 years old. Yesterday was very very hard for me. now for the UP stuff. I went over too Denver on Monday last week too OSLs(old squeeze Louise) place. We were going to go down & remove this old campertrailer from her 'Retreat' in the mountains below Canyon City CO. I took my big truck, & biggest trailer. The plan was to load her little trailer on my big trailer, and haul it off to my junkyard over by Craig. Well her little trailer was too wide to fit inside the rails of my big trailer. So plan "B", fix the flat tires on her trlr, and pull it up here, then go back & retrieve my big trlr. Well the job should have taken only 1 1/2 days, but I got home thursday night(friday morning 0330hrs). Drove a little over 700 miles. But I still have to go back & get my big trlr.. OK now for the really good stuff. I did this for my friend, because I have the equipment to do the job, I have the time to do the job, I have the knowledge to do the job. She said she would give me $100 for gas, & $150 for doing the job. Well I said ok to the gas money, but being my friend I would not take any money for doing the job. I mean, I do things for friends! Thats what I do! Getting that trlr off her place and cleaning up after its gone, helping my friend, made me feel very very Good about me. I am sure a lot of the folks that read these blogs are volunteers for a lot of things, libraries, hospitals, old folks Homes, & like that. But I never ever volunteer!! The first thing I learned in the US Army back in 1954 was "Never Volunteer!", so this is all kinda new too me. And I think I like it. other good stuff that has taken up those days were, I put a bunch of stuff in an auction, and made a bundle. Goin to payoff my little truck, & a bill. Sooo All in all, those 16 days were not really wasted. OSL has this really nice little couple of acres on the southwest side of a mountain, that over looks a little valley, and on the far side of the valley is the "Collegiate Mountains", or the "Sangre de Cristo Mountains", I always mixem up anyway,Freakin Beautiful!!! Has deer wandering thru her place. A cabin,? No! Sleep in a tent, & I love it. Of course all summer has been very dry, but while down there it rained every night! Started about sundown & drizzled, rained, really rained, lightning thunder & all, the rest of the night. Fall gotta be onna way. Got up early every morning, made coffee, & let her sleep while I watched the deer,& the Jay birds. Ever watch them Jay birds? Camp robbers, some call them. They are very entertaining. Used to pour out the bacon grease onto the snow for them while elk hunting up high. Made bacon popcycles for them. OK don't get started on the huntin tales. I think thats about it for tonight.

Mountainbird2 80F

9/1/2006 7:36 pm

I have never blogged before.. but I am entertained by these ramblings and takes me back to my "tent" days... miss that stuff. bird2

rm_hairpieguy37 replies on 9/2/2006 9:12 pm:
Mountainbird2: Come on!! Lets go before it gets too snowy! You got a tent? No? well I do! also a couple camper trlrs, and a shell on the back of my big pickup. Yes I also have about 7 sleeping bags, summer ones, winter ones, and for them other times in beween. I think you would just love it. even a day trip would be good for you! How about a Forest Service campground,say like the one down by Cristal River? Its on the Cristal River, and there are dirt roads all over the place. I'd take the camper trailer on the first one kinda ease you into in. Yes it sleeps like 6, not all in one bed either! lmao. Think about it. Also Thank You, for your comment.

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