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4/29/2006 10:41 am

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Last Night

OK, so we bought a web-cam last night and I have some feelings on this. First who in their right mind would think that I could answer a question on the computer while having sex with my husband???
What was that guy thinking lol
Who knew that we would have over 300 people watching us?
That was cool lol
I am so happy we couldn't see all of them.
Have you seen them? lol

OK on to another subject,
So we were on our way to Illinois on thursday evening when my husband gets the bright idea of having sex while driving, normally this would be ok however we had a complication. I was driving and he got my pants off of me and undies, after the interesting task of getting the shoes off after he had started getting everything else out of the way. So he started going down on me with my leg hiked up on the bench seat of the truck and i am not in the most comfortable position but damn it felt good, when all of the sudden I see a cop in the middle of the road. Of course the first thing out of my mouth is "oh shit move" then I had a sudden reality check and said "no dint move" well either which way he was still between my legs and we just drove by and then he turned on his headlights and pulled out into the highway. Crap what am I gonna do now. I am naked from the waist down, my husband has a chubby in the passenger seat and I am gonna get pulled over for the second time this trip (thats another story). needless to say we then passed yet another MO. hwy patrol car and my husband was sitting up at this time and this car did not move. We got off at the next exit and I got dressed, he drove and I fell asleep. Moral of this story.. If you ever wish to have sex in a truck on the highway pick anywhere away from cape girardeau mo.

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