Is it true that some girls can  

rm_guysmiling4u 38M
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11/11/2005 7:34 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Is it true that some girls can

This past few weeks I was having sex with this girl. she's 26 and I am 27 and she says that it is very difficult for her to cum. She says that it takes along time for her to cum and when she does she just screams really loud and basically becomes a monster of sorts. Well I've never had this problem with a girl not being able to cum and so I was very unsure about this. When we have sex she gets really into it and she screams and sometimes it sounds like she is being rapped or something. She screams no (in Japanese) and basically has this strange face like it is painful. So I stop...and she then gets all pissed. I am like look girl, I don't know if I am hurting you or pleasuring you. You got to let me know....If you no no...then my brain is thinking different. I should be hearing..yes yes yes. So she gets all mad again saying that I should know...oh well...Anyways....ladies or guys help me out here. Cause when we have sex and also when I stimulate her with my fingers as well as orally, it seems like she is about to cum and at the point where I think she is about to cum or she has cummed it seems like she holds is back. Has anyone had any experience with this? The other day we were doing it doggy style and she was really into and was about to climax when she sat down really fast as if she was either holding back from cumming or it was hurting her. So I stopped... I said what? Are you wanting to cum but you are holding it back? She was am not holding it backa. So please help me here. Do any of you ladies hold back so you don't cum or climax soon? I know guys can do this just wondering about ladies. Thanks!

rm_scupper1978 38M
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11/16/2005 2:51 pm

i had a similar problem with an ex - she said she couldn't tell the difference between feeling like she was going to cum, or going to piss. realistically, i dont think you can pee and cum at the same time, but still, she couldn't get over that mental hurdle.
what seemed to keep her happy, and me, is that she would tell me to slow down - she had several orgasms at a time, at was always happy, but never broke through and fully came (i, of course, was happy that she stopped just stopping).

rm_guysmiling4u 38M
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11/17/2005 7:59 am

yeah I had another girl like that we would get to the point where she was gonna climax and she would stop me. I would then ask what's up?? She was like it feels like I am gonna pee. Anyways as it turns out and from what I read on a few sites like my good old sex therapist...Dr.Sue Johanson she describes cumming as a peeing sensation if not. So yeah I just dealt with that girl and tried to keep her happy and she told me what to do. As for this other girl...She's a different story. I think she expects me to know what I should do and she shouldn't have to say slow down or faster or anything which is odd but we will see. Thanks for the reply scupper...Also check out Dr.Sue she is on Bravo network and has a great sex show that will give you a few laughs. Just imagine a women in her 60's playing with dolls and showing different sex positions and talking about good sex toys.

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