The Big Weekend  

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8/21/2005 10:13 am

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The Big Weekend

Well, unlike most people, my weekend starts on Sunday and ends on tuesday morning. This weekend could be different than the others in the fact that one of my friends might have broken off with my other friend. This will be a little difficult since i want to be with both of them, but it is a bit complicated. My lady friend happens to have a new boyfriend, the bad-boy type that has a few things on his record and drinks and does drugs, you know the type. Well, she is going out with him to try to get him back to being normal, as in no drugs and little drinking, if any; again, you know the type for the girl.
Now, i dont really care for her boyfriend because he can be a bit two-faced, talking about how he wants to go out and get hammered and shit, then talk about cutting back, he really needs to make up his mind. Also, he is sorta living with her for the time being (until he gets a job, which EVERYONE hopes he did), which cuts out of the time that me and her can be alone and talk. So, I'm afraid that i could be pushed away and lose that quality time with her, so i tend to be a little passive agressive, i suppose. ah well...

Anywho.. i hope we go swimming or watch Dodgeball, fun movie. Last weekend i watched Constintine, Queen of the Damned, and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. I would have to say that i was most entertained by Constintine and least by Queen of the Damned, i just didnt like the whole plotline and how it was exicuted. I'm more used to the violent vampire movies, not that lovey and, i dont know.. angsty? plot.

blah blah blah, rambling.

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