Oh god, the end of the world...  

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1/22/2006 12:11 am

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Oh god, the end of the world...

Gul updated his blog! AHHH! QUICK RUN! THE APOCOLYPSE IS UPON US!!!!!

Heh, hey there everyone out in cyberland, how are you doing? I've been doing alright, just sorta riding out life, you know how that can be? One of my great friend's came back from a trip on the *thinks* 14th, i do believe, and thats why i wasnt really online all that much. Lets see.. since i've been gone, i went to the movies and saw Bloodrayne and Underworld: Evolution, seeing that last one just tonight. Both movies were alright, though bloodrayne coulda been a bit better, but blood makes up for it, right?
Underworld on the other hand was very lovely with some good fighting and some very nice previews. They are doing a Silent Hill movie, and it looks pretty sweet, but the Superman movie... bleh, i'll watch the classic, damn Smallville kid...

In other news, i picked up The Oblongs on DVD, which is very good Also, i must remember to pick up the first DVD set of Outlaw Star...

And now for the upcoming news! The band i'm in is performing at Peek Night at KHS this upcoming weekend (kaukauna, not kimberly [boo!]) and i do believe we are playing at Ryan's Ballroom the following weekend, yay!

And thats pretty much it ^^;

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