Long Weekend  

rm_gulmunthos 30M
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12/3/2005 9:13 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Long Weekend

So, whats new with all of you? It seems like i might be going to a party tonight, which is really cool.. except that i am really nervious with who i am going with. As it is right now, I'm just going to be the arm candy of the evening, but to me it seems kinda like a date.. and i haven't really done one of those before x.x

Anyways, still on my long weekend and its just dragging x.x i might have tomorrow and monday off, but im not sure. Either way, we'll see how it goes. In other news, I'm all healed up (got a bit of a friction burn where its not pleasent) and that took a week, so yay for being all pent up. Oh, i picked up some nice soap, you know, the one with those body wash ball thingies in them? That stuff is awesome.. you feel so soft and so clean afterwards ^^ oh yeah, also shaved all over, woo! fun fun

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