Imaginary, news, and other ramblings.  

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8/17/2005 5:46 am

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Imaginary, news, and other ramblings.

I was working again last night when a strange mood washed over me. I thought to myself, what if this life is imaginary and what we imagine is real? What if that imaginary friend we had as a child was real and it was only imagining us? Your whole life being just a little thought brought on upon some lonely monster or creature that you talked to... fearful thought.

But in other news, there have been some pretty bad news stories lately, which has left me in a rather chipper mood. It's not that terrible news is funny (though it can be sometimes), it just makes me relize how much better my life is because it hasn't happened to me yet. I mean, i'm just a little odd like that. I can look through the paper and laugh at a plane crash or odd murder case because it just happens to bring that nice mood over me.
Call me twisted I suppose, but when you always work third shift, you start looking for any way to escape from your job.

In some personal news that im sure ALL of you are just dying to know about, i have started up a new bondage set of pictures that I'm adding color to. Luckily, this set is shorter than the others, but the whole erotic-ness isn't really there. But, thats alright, we'll see how it goes.

I'm not sure you can relate, but i work at night alone and when i rarely want to take my smoke break, I light up, then someone comes into the store. So, what do you do? Set your smoke down while its still burning and hope they don't browse around and waste the break? Flick the cherry off with your finger and relight after they are done, giving you that burnt tobbacco taste? or would you just ignore them until you are done... All interesting possibilities, though i tend to flick the cherry and go in.

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