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rm_gsj0788 52M
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1/14/2006 11:07 am

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Why I don

I am probably different from most of the guys out there in the fact that I don’t like quickies, or the doing my duty, type of sex. The fact that that is almost the only type of sex offered is why I am here. As for the reason:

1. I need sex less than I used to, but when I want sex, I want there to be some passion. Not just get it over with so I can move on with my day!

2. Nearly every time we have this kind of sex, she is thinking about other things. How do I know? Because she can’t help but talk about it! Lost many an erection to this one.

3. She does not want any kind of play or stimulation, she just wants to lay there with an expression of “I can’t wait until this is over”.

I know, most of you are thinking if this is this guys only problem, what is he whining about. But, for me this has become a big issue in my marriage. I could just hold it in and accept what she is offering, but it won’t make me happy. So more often than not I refuse when this is what is offered. Then the cycle of sexual tension builds until we have a fight, and then I feel even worse because I think this is more my problem than hers, but I don’t know how to stop these feelings.

Please post your comments and opinions on quickies and sex without passion. I am interested in what other think about this topic.

rm_mauveforme 56F
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1/29/2006 9:42 pm

Hello Sweetie, When you talk about yourself you are describing me. My husband is like your wife. With one exception he makes so many excuses before we get to the sex to avoid it. He has retired on me in the sex department and I refuse to grow old and be celibate with him. I feel I am in my prime time and sex is important to me. It relieves stress, relaxes me and it just makes me feel good all over. I am not giving that up and you are too young to give it up. I feel there is nothing wrong with a discreet affairs as long as the perons is clean, disease free, and respects your discreetion. I WISH YOU THE BEST IN FINDING A FRIEND WHO UNDERSTANDS!

falcon7789 68M

1/31/2006 10:30 am

Greg....I am with you buddy. My wife is about the same way. When she wants sex, it is right then, right now. No time for cuddling, kissing, or foreplay. She wants it quick and over. I love foreplay, and taking my time with sex. For me, the trip is worth more than the destination.
And once she cums, she is ready to go to sleep. And to top it off, she cums quick. Only takes her a few minutes and she is done. There has been a few times I have had to "fake it" so she would not feel bad. It takes me a long time to climax, which is why I really enjoy the foreplay first. I don't have any answers, wish I did. Hope we both find some way. Good luck.

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