Been there; what the hell was *that*?!  

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5/14/2005 12:43 am

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Been there; what the hell was *that*?!

Just getting back from my M&G. All-in-all, I'm actually confused.

The lady in question isn't a 'swinger', a booty-call, or anything else to perhaps be expected from a one-on-one meet-and-greet from this site; this is actually a plus for me, as I'm not really sure what *I'm* doing here...I'm much more reserved than what AdultFriendFinder seems to be socially.

I have to say, though, that I *really* enjoyed myself. No, there was no 'happy ending'. Nothing like that, but I met someone who I can *definitely* relate to on many levels (which is *extremely* rare), and in a broader (no pun intended) sense, I had a great if uneventful time.

I *do* think this is more of the 'nice guy' curse, though. I think there was more than a little something there, and things could've gone further, but I get the feeling that I'm yet again to be sent to the "he's such a nice guy, but..." room. My fault, as I'm sure there were opportunities to open other doors, but me being me, I completely missed said chances. From the groups I'm involved with (TASA and NBAG2), the theory is that this is mostly with women who've not been married (the 'nice guy v asshole persona thing), but not the case here. She's spent almost 20 years married, and has 1 adult and one near-adult child, but I still feel the dreaded nice-guy syndrome forming. Really unfortunate, as she was not only *incredibly* attractive to me, but, outside of a few minor things, we really seemed sympatico on *so* many things and so many levels.

I've sent e-mail saying much the same, and that I hope we can get together again on a more personal level (not necessarily sexual level; the scene tonight was a more open social gathering, with much distraction), to see if this might go anywhere. I hope I'm not being completely one-sided on this; I'm sure there were indications that the feelings were/interest was mutual but not convenient to pursue at the time. If I *am* being one-sided n this, I'm gonna feel like a creep.

I should mention now that I'm more than just a little drunk (and Blondie's "One Way or Another " is playing in my playlist)

Well, living vicariously via a petri dish of unidentifiable bacterium (exploring my family root, if you must know),


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