june 28-still bad advice  

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6/28/2006 5:45 pm
june 28-still bad advice

todays news contained a couple of articles on burmese pythons. one was about the measuring of a nine year old female burmese at the everglade zoo. it topped out at twenty two feet and one quarter inch. pay attention now! this snake is considered still just an adolecent. most older burmese in the wilds at eighteen to twenty feet wiegh in the neiborhood of three hundred to four hundred pounds. it's important that you know that for the next article.
the next article was about wildlife officials finding a dead thirteen foot python in the glades. it had swallowed a six foot gator. bur the gator had clawed a hole in the side of the burmese and partially got out. both were dead. (see story on msn. news page.) one official stated that the snake was big enough to be a threat to a human baby and basically there was no immediate danger in the glades to humans. i don't know why this idiot had to make a statement like that to the press and even worse why the press would print it. how many of you people in florida would tangle with a six foot gator and if you did do you think you could control it? I really don't think many of you would. a thirteen foot burmese in the wild would already wiegh in the nieborhood of about one hundred and twenty five to one hundred and thirty pounds and i can guarentee you that an inexperienced adult would end up dead. even for me who knows how to kill them quickly it would be touch and go. they don't know how many of these snakes are in the everglades and before i go any further i want give you a clearer ubderstanding of the burmese habits. these snakes are territorial. the area they chose to life in allows only one other creature to live there with them. that's a mate. anything else that wanders in is either food or a threat. to give you an idea of dangerous these snakes are i'll give you a test. if a fifteen foot king cobra slithered between your legs or even over your shoes and twenty feet away was a large burmese, which one would pose the most threat? i'm sure most of you would say the king cobra and you would be wrong. the king would'nt have the slightest intrest in you. it would be interested only in something it could eat. the burmese being territorial would immediately attack and you'd be surprised how fast it could cover twenty feet. being territorial means that the burmese will spread out through the glades and into backyards and garages. one more thing, burmese have a lot of young. people in florida should be raising hell with their elected officials before someone is killed and by my estimations that could happen within the next week. i hope i am wrong.
want to learn more about what is dangerous in the backyards of north america let me know and i'll do a weekly thing in the magazine???

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